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Raya And The Last Dragon (2020) Review And Release Date With Cast

The Raya and the Last Dragon is an action-adventure film by Disney. The movie is inspired by South-East Asian folklore. The makers of the Frozen 2 have come up with a fantastic and fascinating will that has won many hearts all over the world.

The Cast and the Team

Cassie plays the character of Raya who is an adventurous girl and is looking for the last dragon

Awkwafina plays the last dragon that has the ability to transform herself into a human

  • Co-Directors: John Ripa
  • Produced By: Moana veteran Osnat Shurer
  • Writer: Crazy Rich Asians

The Plot

The movie has a backdrop of a fictional kingdom Kumandra. The movie focuses on the character of a warrior named Raya who sets out on a journey to find the last dragon alive on this earth. She teams up with a group of creatures to bring peace and harmony to her kingdom. Her aim is to bring unity back to her homeland which has been spoiled due to the disturbance caused by dragons. The back drop is inspired by the traditional and beautiful set up of South East Asia.


The movie portrays a fictitious land where and ancient civilization resides. The movie has a traditional touch of the south east Asian culture and goes back to the roots of Asian culture where people believed that power can be obtained from a mere creature. The movie reminds us of an era where people believed in super natural powers and myths and thought that they could control their fate and world. The unrealistic nature of the story could be a turn off to some audience. But since it is a fantasy animated movie such kind of concept is expected. The voice over have done an amazing job and the cinematography and direction is superb.

The movie promotes hope and bonding among a community which is a good social message. The way Raya sets out on a journey with her companions shows the power and passion of a girl to save her kingdom. Raya the lead character in the movie is an inspirational character that teaches a lot of things. The character is charming and boasts off a winning charm every time she appears on the screen.

The Beautiful Relationship of Raya and Sisu

The concept of the movie indicates that Raya and Sisu are enemies because Raya goes in search of Sisu to finish her off. But when the story proceeds we see things happening otherwise. Raya meets Sisu for the first time when she is in a human form and needs her help to transform into a powerful dragon. The unawareness of Raya leads her to build a beautiful relationship with Sisu.

Fascinating Characters

The lead character Sisu and Raya are a work of art. Their appearances are exceptional and the characters that they have are different and unique. Sisu is fascinating water being who breathes fog from her nose flies by stepping on the rain drops. She even has a gem that has the power to change the world.

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Release Date

Raya and the Last Dragon has already been released in the USA on 25th November 2019.  We are sure many of you must have already watched the movie and if you are a fan of Disney animated movies with a supernatural storyline Raya and the Last dragon would have become your favorite movie of the year.

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