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All You Need To Know About AEW Dynamite Results

AEW Dynamite is an interesting event that is beginning at the NOW Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Fans are curious to know what has happened in the game. If you have not got the chance to watch it live you can get to know about the results. The event is full of many interesting performances by various top wrestlers. There will be a lot of action happening with the elite in action. CM Punk is also expected to make a return while Tay Conti will also impress the wrestling viewers. You can catch up with all the details below and know what is happening at AEW Dynamite.

 Tully Blanchard vs. Santana and Ortiz

aew 2

This is going to be the first match of Wheeler as he is back after getting into an intense encounter with Santana and Ortiz. He had to wear a black sleeve to cover up his cut. However things are getting intense among Harwood and Santana. It seems that the crowd is very much excited to watch this game. They are chanting “Proud ‘N Powerful/FTR!” Santana and Ortiz both flip out to the floor against their opponents and this scene is the highlight of this live event. Both teams have been working hard to sustain their game skills into the ring. The referee gives Wheeler a blind tag and Ortiz makes his way back to the ring post. Some wrestling fans of this group will be happy to know that Santana and Ortiz win this one with big margin.

Orange Cassidy vs. Jack Evans

aew 3

Wheeler Yuta, and Chuck Taylor gives their impressive fist bump on the stage. Cassidy enters the ring while Matt Hardy attacks him in a big way. Both Ref and Hardy are immersed in their fight by giving each other a throw. Evans comes with a spinning heel kick to Cassidy while he tries to work his way into the game. He finally hits a big spin against Evans and covers up the previous mistakes. As a result Cassidy gives a huge blow to Evans and enters the ring with a cross body cover. This match has been intense as both the teams have tried working hard to win the battle. The winner of this game is none other than Orange Cassidy. Even though it was a dramatic win fans couldn’t stop cheering for their favorites.

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Powerhouse Hobbs with Hook vs. Brian Cage

The battle starts up with Brian Cage attacking Hobbs at the ramp right at the time they made an entry. Hobbs thinks about a counter attack and makes a comeback with a bang. He gets into an offensive momentum and things get out of control. Cage starts to attack the big man in his own way and releases the German suplex cover count two. This move Hobbs out of the apron as Cage gets him to a corner. Ricky Starks also clocks Cage with the FTW Championship. However when Hobbs lifts and drops Cage many fans could assume the results. The winner of this battle is Powerhouse Hobbs and wrestling fans will only hope that things can get better with Brian.

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