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John Isner Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationships, Career & More

John Isner is one of the finest and most renowned players in the history of the Tennis world. He is ranked at number 8th after winning ATP many times in a row. You will not be surprised to know that is he the finest server to ever get into ATP. When he went on the ATP world tour that helped him gain a lot of recognition and records in a short time. In 2018 he appeared in the semi-final of the Wimbledon Championship. He has made the record for playing tennis for the longest of hours in the history of ATP. Here is all you need to know about this talented sportsperson.

Early Life and Bio

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John was born on April 26th, 1985 in Dallas. He was born and raised well and started his professional career in summer 2007. John started playing tennis when he was only nine years old and also enjoyed playing basketball till age 14. He has got two brothers Jordan and Nathan while he is close to both of them. His mother’s name is Karen while his father’s name is Robert. The best thing is that they supported him throughout his career and life. He was passionate about tennis since youth and because of this reason, he attended the University of Georgia. While playing tennis for many years at school he moved on professionally after all this while. He has won many NCCA double titles and start making many other records. John is 35 years old currently and his career growth is impressive.

Personal Life and Relationships

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The love life of John has been interesting as he has tried to remain loyal to his partners. He got married to Madison McKinley who is a jewelry designer. They got married in December 2017. The couple is going strong and has been living a lavish life. He has got two sons and is very close to both of them. No matter what his professional commitments he tries to spend time with his family and loves to travel. He is active on social media and loves to post pictures of his loved ones and friends.

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Net Worth

The total net worth of John happens to be around $35 million and the estimation will keep growing. He has recently signed a multi-sponsor deal with Fila and that helped him earn a lot of money. Being a young and impressive player his career seems to be on a high. You will be happy to know that he has signed many endorsements deals with Prince Tennis Kits and TAMKO building projects. One of his latest deals is his collaboration with the sports drink company Defy.

Career and Achievements

John has been an impressive tennis player who has won many records. He got the award for Best Record-Breaking Performance ESPY Award. Till now he has received over 15 titles and achieved the highest rankings by reaching at number 8th position. You will be surprised to know that he has beaten Djokovic en route to the ATP Masters 1000 finals got a lot of recognition.

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