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Pokémon TCG Value Watch: Fusion Strike To Release In June 2022

The Pokémon TCG is an ever-changing and unpredictable market. In the past few years, we have seen that many people have renewed their interest in the hobby because of a number of factors including the 25th Anniversary. The strong Sword & Shield-era sets will feature the stunning Alternate Arts, influencers, box breaks and so much more. The COVID-19 lockdown pushed people to find hobbies and in this period Pokemon TCG gained a lot of success.

Pokemon TCG Value Watch: Sword & Shield-Fusion Strike Release Date

The cards of Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike, came out in November 2021. The next set will be released in June 2022.

Pokemon TCG Value Watch Top Value Cards

Here is the list of the top valued cards of Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike available in the market. The market values observed on TCGPlayer are currently of this writing.

  • Espeon VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare 270/264: $110.52
  • Gengar VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare 271/264: $99.89
  • Mew VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare 269/264: $78.00
  • Mew VMAX Rainbow Rare Secret Rare 269/264: $54.40
  • Mew V Alternate Art 251/264: $42.33
  • Inteleon VMAX Alternate Art Secret Rare 266/264: $27.28
  • Celebi V Alternate Art 245/264: $24.89
  • Genesect V Alternate Art 255/264: $23.99
  • Mew VMAX 114/264: $21.85
  • Mew V Full Art 250/264: $18.05
  • Gengar VMAX 157/264: $12.51
  • Greedent V Alternate Art 257/264: $11.77
  • Boltund VMAX Rainbow Rare Secret Rare 267/264: $10.89
  • Fire Energy Gold Secret Rare 284/264: $10.77
  • Grass Energy Gold Secret Rare 283/264: $10.68
  • Elesa’s Sparkle Full Art Trainer Supporter 260/264: 10,91 dollars.
  • Rare Secret Rare 267/264: 10.51 dollars: Boltund VMAX Rainbow Rare Rare Secret Rare 267/264:
  • Shiny Flaaffy Gold Secret Rare 280/264: 10,15 dollars.
  • Shauna’s Rainbow Rare Trainer Supporter 207/264: 99,99 dollars.
  • Genesect V, Full Art 254/264: 9,24 dollar.
  • Chandelure VMAX Rainbow Rare Secret 265/264: $8,50.

VMAXes in the Pokémon TCG 

There hasn’t been much movement in this set at all. The new significant hits are designed with two VMAXes. They have finally dropped in the market. Both the standard versions of the Mew VMAX and Gengar VMAX are already released.

The cards are a bit more valuable than most VMAXes that were available in the Pokémon TCG. The cards are now beginning to even out. We still believe that the set fully bottom out will be coming out soon. The major cards as singles will be released soon as well.

There’s not too much crazy movement and it is worth noting that there aren’t many changes made to the chase cards. The two of the set’s standard VMAXs are the Mew VMAX. They will be dropped 4%, and the Gengar VMAX dropped up to 6%. Both are playable cards and are considered a popular species. You can spot them hovering in a standard VMAX in a pokemon TCG set.

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