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Drew Brees Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Relationships & More

Drew Brees is a popular American professional quarterback in the NFL. He made a good impact in college football he soon established his skill in the game. Many junior players look up to him as he is the quarterback of a prominent team. Drew happens to be a true asset of New Orleans Saint as he has been making many new records. He has been leading in making yards and that’s how his career seems to be on the bright side. If this isn’t enough he is also considered one of the best passers in the game of football. He is also considered one of the biggest quarterbacks of all time. Here are more details about him.

Early lifestyle and Bio

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Drew was born on January 15th, 1979 in Dallas, Texas. He has one brother and his parents got divorced when he was only seven. Since his childhood, he was always interested in playing football but few years have been rough for the boys. They have a very close bond and relationship with each other and started dealing with each other’s emotions. He started playing football during his school and college time. His mind was always into football and wanted to pursue it as a career. He and his brother are still very close and they consider each other’s suggestions before moving on. Drew is 42 years old currently and his height is six feet.

NFL career

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As we have already discussed Drew started playing football during his college days. His prominence was increasing each day so he was finally drafted by the NFL. He was surprised to be a part of the San Diego Chargers in the draft of 2001. His performance was loved by everyone as he made over 200 passing yards and touchdowns in his first games. He broke the record of the NFL in the first season with 5084 points. By then he became a permanent member of the Chargers. He made many other big records that happened in 2014-2016. When there was a game planned up against Los Angeles he was given a penalty. He also had to miss eight weeks due to his injury.

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Salary and Contracts

When two decades of his football career was over he earned $250 million. His salary has always on the high side and $15 million with endorsements too. In 2005 Drew easily earned $8 million in the contract when he has drafted San Diego Chargers. With the Saints, he got into a new contract due to which he could easily earn a $60 million salary. An additional $22 million was received in the form of bonuses. Starting from the year 2019 to 2020 he earned $45 million.

Real Estate and Net worth

The total net worth of Drew happens to be around $22 million. He has his wife purchased real estate for about $2.2 million. There is a big house that is about 6000 square feet of living space. You will be surprised to see his house as there are a big garage and a sports facility built in the area too. He is leading a lavish lifestyle and has got everything in life.

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