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Citywing Airlines: A Class Apart

Citywing airline is based on the Isle of Man and operates only inside the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man. They are selling seats to the passengers on scheduled timings and flights. The flights are operated under the help of a charter and they will link several airports in the British Isles. The head office of Citywing airlines is also located in Hanger 9 at Isle of Man airport. You can book your flights easily especially if you are residing in the United Kingdom. The facilities provided by the airlines are top-notch and the safety of the passengers is their topmost priority.

The managing director of the airlines is David buck and he has been operating it since November 2012. According to the recent rumors the operations of flights have been closed down. There are few flights that are scheduled on the destinations including the Isle of Man, jersey, and cover some part of the United Kingdom. Other international flights are not handled by this airline. It is a virtual airline where you can book or cancel your flight within a certain time frame. There are chances that you will get a refund even if you are canceling your scheduled flight.

Online check-in Services

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All the passengers who don’t have more than one luggage bag can check out reservation number to check an online Citywing flight. They can get a print of their boarding card and checking the routes of check-in will also become an easy task. The online check-in rules are applicable for people who are traveling to anywhere except Glasgow to Isle Man. All the airport counters are usually open 2 hours before the check-in so there will be no inconvenience for the passengers.

The hand luggage can weigh up to 6 kg while the luggage allowance for others is not more than 15kg. The passengers will not be allowed to bring a separate laptop case or bag with them as it is not allowed. The food quality is excellent and there are other special facilities given to all the passengers. If there are some kids traveling with you they will be given other incentives too.

Airline tickets with Citywing

There are a lot of ways you can book your airline tickets with Citywing. You can make a booking online or schedule a flight after calling or emailing them. The best thing is that once you are inside the plane you will feel like home and a lot of entertaining movies and music are at your disposal. You can rest and feel relaxed while the plane is moving in the air. There are numerous flights and destinations available but you can just filter the search by checking the official website. If you are traveling for the first time you will need a good experience and Citywing has it all for you.

Contact details of Citywing airlines

If you are looking for some contact details of Citywing airlines we have gathered some of the most important details:

Contact number for reservations

For Flight Booking and customer services:    + 44 (0)871 200 0440

Citywing Email contacts for the best Car Hire reservations: [email protected]

Flight Reservations email: [email protected]

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