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Upcoming Shows To Look Forward To On Netflix This April

Netflix is one of the most-watched streaming video platforms in the world. The streaming giant releases hundreds of new series and movies every month.  Are you a hardcore Netflix fan? If you are looking forward to catching some exciting shows on Netflix this April then this guide will be helpful for you. Here is a comprehensive look at what’s headed your way on the streaming platform Netflix.

 If you want to catch the Netflix Originals coming in April then we have got you covered. We will be listing down all the upcoming Netflix shows that will be launching in April on Netflix. The upcoming lineup seems to be exciting and fun. Let us know in the comments below about which shows you are most looking forward to.

Netflix US Weekly in April 2021

  • Men on a Mission (Season 7)–Tuesdays
  • Navillera (Season 1) Mondays
  • Sisyphus: The Myth (Season 1) Thursdays
  • Vincenzo (Season 1)  Saturdays

April 2021 Dates TBD

  • The Disciple (2020) N– Indian movie about a man who wants to become a musician.
  • Searching For Sheela (2021)  Indian documentary.

April 1st

  • 2012 (2009)–The thriller disaster movie where mankind is under threat and might get wiped out.
  • Cop Out (2010)– A cop drama that stars famous actors like Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan from Warner Brothers.
  • Coven of Sisters (2021 – English Dub) N– A period drama from Spain will be available with the English dub.
  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016)– CG movie adapted by a video game franchise.
  • Friends With Benefits (2011) – The series stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. It is a rom-com about two friends who fall in love.
  • Insidious (2010) – Horror movie
  • Irul (2021) –mystery thriller.
  • Legally Blonde (2001) – Rom-com that stars Reese Witherspoon
  • Leprechaun (1993) – A horror movie starring Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston.
  • Magical Andes (Season 2)  Documentary about the world-renowned South American mountains.
  • Secrets of Great British Castles (Season 1) –Documentary by Dan Jones on the castles located in the country.
  • Seven Souls in the Skull Castle: Season Flower & Season Bird
  • Tanjung the Movie (2021)  Indonenisan movie about a complicated love story
  • The Pianist (2002) –The Oscar-winning movie
  • The Possession (2012) – Lionsgate horror movie by Ole Bornedal.
  • The Platform (Season 2) – Arabic drama.
  • Concrete Cowboy (2021) N The movie is about a 15-year-old boy who moves to Philadelphia to live with his father.
  • God Calling (2018) – a Nigerian feature film about women who meets God.
  • Just Say Yes (2021) N –Romantic comedy movie.
  • Madame Claude (2021) N – French period drama that features the life of Madame Claude.
  • Sky High (2021)  Spanish thriller about a man and his girlfriend
  • The Serpent (Limited Series) N – BBC/Netflix co-production. The movie is a thriller and features the story of a serial killer who appeared during the 70s. The serial killer committed horrifying murders and he became the world’s, most-wanted man.
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