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Sputnik Movie Ending, Review & Other Details

Sputnik Movie is loved by most of the movie lovers as they have appreciated the good script and great performances. The film is directed by Egor and it is his debut movie although it doesn’t seem like one. The lead of the film is Oksana Akinshinia who is a young doctor and completed his medical studies. He later joins the military and serves the survivor’s astronauts who have returned from space and completed their mission. In today’s post we will discuss the Sputnik Movie ending and other details below:

What is Sputnik Movie about?

sputnik 2

The film revolves around the lead character who has been serving the people in the military. There are many survivors who have returned from space after completing their important missions. One of the survivors has a strange living organism inside him but has returned to earth, fortunately. The film stars Pytor and Fyodor and is based on the cold war of 1983 and there are two astronauts who are engaged in the research of an important machine. They get into a bad experience while returning to earth and whatever happens in the storyline has to be judged and witnessed by the audience itself.

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Sputnik Movie review and ending

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Due to coronavirus pandemic, many big films or shows are being delayed. Thankfully the situation is now improving and the film will be releasing very soon. The film was recently released in Russia and that too, at a Film festival. It has been getting a lot of appreciation and if you haven’t seen it yet you should do it very soon. The ending of the film is pretty good and it is better not to ruin the suspense and watch the film yourself. It is a Russian movie but will be released with the English Subtitles.

The film is loved for its wonderful and innovative plot while the performances are no doubt one of the best we could see in today’s time. As we have already discussed that the film revolves around the life of a doctor who has been called to take care of astronauts and one of the patients happens to be a strange creature. After returning to Earth an Alien parasite returns to earth and how this situation gets to a conclusion will be seen.

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Who is in the cast of Sputnik?

The cast and crew of Sputnik are wonderful and they have given great performances to win the heart of the audience. They have been getting appreciation from the critics as well and here are the cast details below.

  • Oksana Akinshinaas
  •  Pyotr Fyodorovas
  • Anton Vasiliev

What is the release date of Sputnik?

The release date of Sputnik was released on August 14th can live stream it online and enjoy it in HD quality. The film has been getting great reviews and appreciation and if you have not watched it yet you should try watching it and join the people in amazing conversations. The film has been made on a budget of $190 million and it seems that the budget will easily be adjusted due to high profits. Most of the people were curious to know about the ending but according to the latest buzz, the ending is satisfactory. You will be enjoying it to the fullest and let the boredom kill during this pandemic.

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