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Nadia Jagessar Biography, Family & Other Details

Nadia Jagessar needs no introduction as she has been appearing on Netflix’s popular series Indian Matchmaking. She is a Guyanese-American and has been struggling to find a suitable match for herself in India. Matchmaker Sima Tapar is helping many people find the perfect match for them. Many people are taking a lot of interest in this series and they are eager to see if Nadia deals with it all successfully. In this post, we will discuss Nadia Jagessar and all her details.

Career and Education

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Nadia Jagessar is a successful entrepreneur and she has been successfully dealing with her own event management company named Euphoria. She is not only dealing with this company but also works as a marketer for Givaudan. She has achieved a lot of success at a young age and is now looking for her partner through this successful reality show. Nadia has completed her education in American and has now moved to India. She is a smart and intelligent 32 years old woman and pursuing an arranged marriage by participating in the reality show as a contestant.

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Nadia is single at the moment but trying to hunt for a good life partner for her. The Indian matchmaker Seema will help her find a suitable partner. There are many contestants in the series and are paired up with partners. For now, Nadia has been paired up with Ravi Guru Singh who is of her age and is also a Guyanese-American. People think there is no definite chemistry between them and it lacks all the spark and charm. We will wait and see if he turns out to be her real soul mate or someone else comes into the picture. In the recent episodes, fans realized that they are not meant to be together so she was paired up with Vinay Chadha.

Things didn’t go in the favor of this couple too and lack of sparks is another reason why they had to move on. Nadia will now be paired up against Shekar Jayaraman and he is based on Chicago and owns a law firm. He is intelligent and seems to be a good choice for Nadia. They share amazing chemistry and have been hanging out a lot together. According to the recent rumors looks like they are also not together. It seems things aren’t going well for her as far as love is concerned. Nadia seems to be a private person and she has not given any details about her family. She belongs to Indian and Guyanese ethnicity and is a very confident girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

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Why did Nadia need a matchmaker?

Many people are curious to know why Nadia needed a matchmaker when she is beautiful enough to find a match for herself. According to her the past dates she has been going to didn’t impress her and she doesn’t like dating through online apps or Facebook either. She even told that her cousins tried to set her up on various dates but nothing went in her favor. Nadia wants to try for an arranged marriage and believes that it can work for everyone who is willing to get married. The show Indian matchmaking has become very popular and Sima is a top matchmaker from India and she helps to find perfect matches for young people.

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