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Lisa G Net Worth, Career Highlights, Personal Life, Relationships, Bio & Age

Lisa G is an American radio news personality and she is known for her hard work and skills. She is also a popular journalist and has covered one of the biggest news. Many people like the way she delivers the news section to her audiences. They are convinced with what she says and also cover authentic news. Many radio listeners are also fond of listening to her show as she caters to the needs of everyone. She has been lauded with many special honors and awards. Young radio hosts look up to her and ask for her suggestions whenever they are doing something. Here’s how you can learn more about Lisa G.

Bio and Early Life

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Lisa G was born on 6th June 1956 in New York and she is 64 years old currently. She completed her education at George W high school and Hofstra University. Lisa got her degree in Journalism that gives her a path to being a good journalist. Her parents always supported her ideas and they knew she has great speaking skills. As her University got over she started concentrating on her career. Her mother died of Alzheimer’s when she was young so it was a tough time for her.


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Lisa started her career by doing some radio shows and nearly all of them gained attention. She started co-hosting a show with Ed Lover and Doctor Dre on Hot 97 FM. The trio also worked hard and launched the power station 105.1 and it became a phenomenon in 2002. She also worked for WOR and in 2006. When she joined Howard 100 News on Sirius XM Satellite Radio it became an even bigger success. Her career has always been on a high. Lisa G started working as a correspondent for the E Network’s Gossip Show. Due to her popularity, she worked for Real TV. She also got the chance for ESPN2’s coverage of the New York City Marathon and WCBS-TV. She also became the voice actor of Running on the YES Network.

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Net Worth

The total Net worth of Lisa G happens to be around $3 million. She has earned this amount due to her journalist career. If this isn’t enough she also published many books that became another highlight in her career. She is the author of the book Sex, Lies, and Cookies: An Unrated Memoir. Her listeners and fans love what she does and she is leading a luxurious life with her family.

 Husband, Kids, Relationships

Lisa has maintained a good relationship with her parents and siblings. The reason for her success is that she has maintained a good relationship in the work environment too. Lisa won the Billboard Air Personality of the Year Award and the Gracie Allen Award for the best local radio host. Her professional life has always been on the high and she has maintained her personal relationships well. Even though she believes in love and relationships she isn’t married yet. All her personal affairs have not been revealed to the media as she isn’t open about it.

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