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Difference Between Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery revolves around reshaping, restoration, or repair of any part of the human body. Plastic Surgery not only improves the appearance of the body but also helps to improve the functioning of the body. It is typically done through tissue transfer. WC Ong Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Singapore offers a wide range of personalized plastic surgeries.

Reconstructive vs cosmetic A

Plastic Surgery can be categorized into two classes, reconstructive plastic surgery, and cosmetic plastic surgery. Cosmetic Surgery and plastic surgery are often mistaken as one, but cosmetic Surgery and reconstructive Surgery are both a subspecialty of Plastic Surgery.

Reconstructive plastic surgery, as clear by the name reconstructs or repairs the body after any disease or an accident. Whereas cosmetic Surgery is to enhance the image of the body. Mastectomy and breast augmentation are examples of reconstructive and cosmetic Surgery respectively.

Which one to choose?

The basic difference between reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery is that the former deals with a medical concern, whereas the latter deals with the physical appearance of the body.

Trauma, infections, injury, tumor, or disease requiring reconstruction of the body parts need reconstruction plastic surgery. Its goal is to repair the affected parts of the body and improve functionality and appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery improves the physical features depending on the wants of the people. The goal here is more visual. Cosmetic Surgery boosts confidence in people.

Who can go for reconstructive surgery and who should try cosmetic surgery?

Surgery to reduce marks of burns, hand reconstruction, reattachment of amputated parts, reconstruction of body parts after fracture, etc., are some of the examples of reconstructive surgery procedures.

Mastectomy is the removal of breast tissue to treat breast cancer. Breast augmentation improves the appearance of the body.

Reconstructive plastic surgery improves birth defects like cleft lip and palate repair.

Whereas, cosmetic surgery procedure includes neck lifts, liposuction, facelifts, breast augmentation, and otoplasty.

Health insurance and plastic surgery

Most health insurance policies cover reconstruction plastic surgeries, but cosmetic surgeries are not usually covered under any health insurance.

Reconstructive Surgery is medically necessary but cosmetic surgery is not medically necessary.

The battle of the necessities

People facing difficulty in maintaining their body weight through diet or exercise can choose to reduce their weight through cosmetic surgeries. The ratio of face can change according to the way people desire them. For example, the ratio of your upper lip to your lower lip.

Reconstruction plastic surgery also helps in improving conditions which also affects other parts of the body. For example, reduction in the size of the breast to cure back pain.

Reconstructive Surgery cure loss of a considerable amount of body tissue through an accident or injury.

A lot of psychological and health benefits are related to plastic surgeries. They assist in boosting self-esteem and make you feel good about yourself. The recovery and results are not very constant, they depend on the current situation of the person undergoing surgery and the plan of the treatment. Plastic surgeons consider recovery while planning the treatment and make the recovery as quick as possible.

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