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PUBG Season 14: Release Date & Other Important Updates

A lot of people these days are looking for PUBG mobile updates which are circulating on the internet. The developers of the Tencent games are always coming out with quality PUBG games so they can give a better gaming experience to people. Royal Pass 14 and the news related to it are making a lot of headlines lately. People are wondering to know what the new model of these PUGB games will have. The season 14 of PUBG will have so many good features and the cool outfits you are going to witness will be ideal. Let us look at all the important details of PUBG season 14 and other important updates.

PUBG Season 14: Royal Pass updated leaks

The theme of PUBG season 14 will revolve around Spark of Flame. The best thing is that it going to have a lot of features, rewards and great weapons. There are a lot of dress options you will have for the characters in the game. The cool tier rewards feature Gold, Platinum, Ace and other levels. When the players will win the Gold and Platinum tier and the players will get a dress as a reward. The diamond tier will give the players M24 skin and it is rated as one of the best. Sniper Rifles and AWM are nowadays getting a lot of popularity among people and the Royal Pass is soon reaching that stage. When you reach Ace Tier the players will have to get a new parachute skin. If you get 100 RP the players will get a brand new mythic dress and will get much more. The gameplay is easy to follow and the graphics are visually appealing. You will get a good experience and can play with other friends too.

PUBG Season 14: What will be the new size and Update?

Till now we don’t have any exact details of the new size and other updates. There are speculations that Update of PUBG mobile is normally around 1.7-1.8 GB. If we talk about all the latest updates it seems that the season 14 new updates will be around 1.7 GB. We don’t really have any official trailer released as yet. Once it comes out it will give you a lot of fun and entertainment. There were some leaked pictures of Weapons skins, dresses and other rewards and people can’t stop talking about it. When we see all the latest news and gameplay information it will surely be getting 5 stars. If you like to play games on the mobile this GB will enough even if you are using your computer it will be good enough too.

When will PUBG Season 14 release?

PUBG season 14 is going to get bigger and better. The expectations are high and we are hoping to get a lot more features and rewards in it. The season 13th of the game will be ending on July 12th and the new season will begin soon after. You can download the game on various platforms and use it the way you want. If your internet connection speed is good the download will be smooth. All of you can enjoy the game as soon as it releases and the avid gaming lovers are going to love it totally.

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