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Lidia Bastianich Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Awards And Achievements

Lidia Bastianich is an American chef, restaurateur, and author who has a net worth. Lidia owns several Italian restaurants across the U.S. She is a popular celebrity chef and has a lot of fans.  Her business partner includes Manhattan’s Becco and Del Posto, and her children, Tanya and Joe. Let’s get to know more about the popular celebrity chef and restaurateur.

Lidia Bastianich Net Worth

Lidia Bastianich has a net worth of $16 million. Bastianich has managed to earn her net worth by being a chef. She specializes in Italian cuisine and has earned her assets by working in the food industry. The popular star chef has been doing cooking shows regularly and she is often seen on TV  on cooking shows. She has been on TV since the late 1990s, and has hosted several of her own shows, such as “Lidia’s Italy” (2007-2010), “Lidia Celebrates America” (2011-2018), and “Lidia’s Kitchen” (2013-2020).

Early Life

Lidia Bastianich was born as Lidia Giuliana Matticchio on February 21, 1947, in Pula, Pola, Italy, Lidia was born to mother Erminia and father Vittorio. She also has a brother Franco, In 1956, Lidia and her brother Franco escaped to Trieste, Italy, along with their mother. Lidia’s father joined the rest of his family later after crossing the border.

The family lived with Lidia’s aunt, Nina for some time who was a chef. The family later lived in Risiera di San Sabba, which was a refugee camp in Trieste. After a few years, Lidia’s family immigrated to the United States. As a teenager, Lidia worked at a bakery and did a part-time job there.

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Lidia and her husband, Felice, opened their first restaurant with the name of Queens restaurant Buonavia in 1971. Lidia served as the hostess there and later began to train to become an assistant chef in the following years. They later opened other branches of Queens restaurant, Secondo, and Bastianich and were famous for giving live cooking demonstrations at the restaurant.

In 1993, Lidia appeared on the popular show “Julia Child: Cooking with Master Chefs,” and later started to produce her show with the name of, “Lidia’s Italian Table,” on Public Television in 1998. Bastianich later became a host and hosted many television shows on Public Television. She has hosted popular shows like “Lidia Celebrates America: Holiday Tables & Traditions” (2011) and “Lidia Celebrates America: Holiday for Heroes” (2016).

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Personal Life

Lidia met her future husband at her 16th birthday party, and the couple fell in love with each other. They got married in 1966. Lidia gave birth to their son Joseph in 1968 and their daughter Tanya in 1972. In 1998, Lidia and Felice got divorced and later passed away in 2010. Felice had transferred his shares to his children before his death.

Awards and Accolades

Lidia has received several awards and some of the most prominent awards that she has received are as follows:

  • The Woman of the Year/Innovation Award
  • Women’s Institute of the Center for Food and Hotel Management award 1987
  • “Who’s Who of Food & Beverage in America” James Beard Award
  • “Best Chef in New York”
  • “Best Outstanding Chef”
  • “Lidia’s Italy” Best Cooking Show
  • Best Special in 2016, 2017, and 2018
  • Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Culinary Host
  • Three Taste Awards
  • Best Food Program Television
  • Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation’s Stella Prize
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