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The best covers for the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro

Looking for a case to protect your new iPhone? With these 5 models, you can protect your new cell phone from scratches and bumps, adding a lot of styles.

1. Spigen transparent case

Spigen transparent case
Spigen transparent case

If you are looking to show off the back and color of your iPhone 11, then this transparent Spigen case is the one indicated. This product combines a flexible TPU side with a rigid PC back, offering maximum protection in a very thin and lightweight case. It has a design on the buttons to be able to use them comfortably and a protruding edge to protect the cameras and also the screen.

This is one of the best selling covers and also the most economical, priced at $ 9.99. Also available for iPhone 11 Pro, this Spigen case is ultra-light and thin, but protects your phone from all kinds of bumps.

2. Matte black Spigen case

Matte black Spigen case
Matte black Spigen case

This is the same case as the previous model, but with the matt black edges to add elegance to your iPhone 11, keeping the back transparent so that the color and brand of the cell phone can be seen. It is also made of TPU and rigid PC, with a special design on the buttons and protruding edges around the cameras and screen, increasing the protection in falls.

Priced at $ 11.99, it is one of the best selling cases and is also available for iPhone 11 Pro. At Amazon, customers mention that this case fits very well on the phone and lets you use the buttons easily.

3. Cover Commuter Series of Otterbox

Cover Commuter Series of Otterbox
Cover Commuter Series of Otterbox

From the renowned Otterbox brand, this case offers great protection for your new iPhone 11 with a rigid design and great features. Its edges are non-slip, to ensure a better grip, and it has a soft interior and a rigid exterior to absorb shock or protect your cell phone. On its sides, it has 3D designs that allow you to comfortably use the buttons and protection on its USB port to protect it from water and dirt.

Although it is the most expensive on the list, priced at $ 35.96, it is a very protective two-layer case and is available in 4 different color combinations. It has a lifetime warranty on the brand, and Amazon customers highlight the great protection it offers to their cell phones, in fairly fine and stylish design.

4. Case Tough Armor of Spigen

Case Tough Armor of Spigen
Case Tough Armor of Spigen

This is a two-layer case that combines TPU and polycarbonate to ensure maximum protection for your cell phone. It has a design similar to the previous Otterbox, with buttons for the buttons, holes for the USB port and the brand, and protruding edges that protect the cameras and screen. This Spigen case is for iPhone 11 and is available in 4 different combinations with black.

It is priced at $ 14.99 and although it is a case that protects your cell phone very well, it is not large. It is compatible with wireless charging and includes a folding stand in the back that allows you to use the cell phone comfortably on any flat surface. Customers at Amazon point out that it is a great case in relation to its price, which protects the phone from all kinds of bumps. However, because of the design so that the logo is visible, this case cannot be used with Pop Sockets, rings, or any other extra grip device.

5. Case Liquid Armor of Spigen

Case Liquid Armor of Spigen
Case Liquid Armor of Spigen

With a minimalist and modern design, this Spigen case helps keep your iPhone 11 protected and stylish. It is made of flexible TPU and its design makes it have a non-slip texture. It includes Air Cushion technology that absorbs shocks and protruding edges on the camera and screen to protect them from bumps and scratches.

This is the best-rated case of the guide, priced at $ 11.99 on Amazon and available only in matt black. Customers highlight its great design and quality, although it is a slightly thicker case than others in the market, offering greater protection. Because of its non-slip texture and not easily stained with fingerprints, it differs positively from plastic or silicone covers, for example.

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