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How long are you contagious with Covid-19?

Coronavirus has spread rapidly all over the world and while some countries have controlled the spread of disease there are many countries that have been unsuccessful in doing so. Since the disease is dangerous and can also be fatal our readers have questions related to the disease. Many people are concerned about how long are you contagious with COVID-19. In this post, we answer this question for you so that you can protect yourself and others from the virus.

When is COVID-19 most contagious? When are you no longer considered contagious?


People who are infected by the COVID-19 are most infectious when they have symptoms of the virus in their body and it is the time when they are most likely to spread the virus. The symptoms include fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. According to the Disease Control and Prevention, these symptoms are considered to be the major symptoms of COVID-19 and you must get yourself tested if you are experiencing one of these symptoms.

Researchers have confirmed that these symptoms are the major cause of the spread and are playing a major role in spreading the virus. There are also cases where people didn’t have any symptoms and they were still affected by the virus. There were some cruise ship passengers who didn’t have any symptoms but it was revealed that 18% of them tested positive while having no symptoms.

The state of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota researchers have analyzed the pandemic’s effects and have estimated that one infected person can spread the virus to as many as four other people. The asymptomatic transmission is playing a big role in spreading the virus, according to Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm.

That’s why public health officials have changed the guidelines recently and have suggested that people who go outside their home in public must wear a homemade mask so that the chances of the COVID-19 infections get low. In this way, there are low chances that these people will make someone else sick. The virus spreads primarily being transmitted by breathing in the respiratory droplets that get released in the body of an infected individual.

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Is there an average length for COVID-19 illness to run its course?

It really depends on person to person and how good or bad their immune system is.  It also depends on how bad the symptoms are. If some serious complications have developed then there are chances that the virus will take long to go away. “About 80% are mild to moderately symptomatic,” revealed Dr. Timothy Sielaff, who is the chief medical officer and works at the Allina Health. “That can mean fever, cough, muscle aches, and lethargy, which last a few days and improve over several more; typically 2 weeks or so.”

It has been revealed that the mild cases can be recovered at home and they don’t have to get hospitalized because there is no country that has a treatment for COVID-19. When there are complications such as pneumonia then the person needs hospital care and the doctors must monitor the symptoms for stabilizing the situation.

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