It is an inconceivable crime: A man shoots and kills the parents of a 13-Year-old, abducted the girl and keeps it for months, caught. Last week, Jayme Closs from Barron appeared in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. Completely emaciated in far too big shoes, she asked a passerby in a forest settlement in order to help. Shortly thereafter, the police arrested a 21-Year-old. Now, more and more shocking Details of the case are known.

As reported in the Washington Post, knew the offender does not even know who his victim was. So, he planned his act, after he saw the young people happen to be in a school bus to get in. The Bulletin quotes a statement made in a preliminary hearing of the Case before the court, in which it is stated: “The defendant stated that when he saw J. L. C., he knew that it was the girl who he would take.”


This aerial photo shows the cottage in which the 13-Year-old from her captors.

©Aaron Lavinsky DPA

was held Either on the same or the next day, he should have worried at Walmart a black mask. Meticulously he tried to leave no traces at the crime scene. He shaved his head and face, put on a black coat and gloves, and a Balaclava over his face, rather he entered armed with a shotgun in the house. It was already his third start-up. Twice previously have scared him, according to the report, the number of cars in the driveway.

He pulled her out of the tub and shot the mother

Before the fact, he stole number plates, which he installed on his car and no longer manipulated the spotlight so that this is turned on automatically. He removed also in the dark luminous cord in the trunk, so that this could not be more opened from the inside.


shot and killed their parents, she disappears without a trace. Now Jayme Closs showed up again armed

With a shotgun of his father, he drove Closs to the house of the family where he first killed the father of the 13-Year-old through a glass window in the front door by a shot to the head. Then he fired on the doorknob, to gain access to the house. Jayme and her mom hid in the bathroom in the tub. He went in, ripped the shower curtain and tied her wrists with duct tape. Then he pulled her out of the tub, shot and killed the mother, before he dragged the Teenager into his car, in the trunk locked with her in his secluded cabin in the woods went.


The 21-year-old Suspect said, showed in court a confession

©Barron County Sheriff’s Department AFP

Like the girl, the police later, she had to hide under his bed, around which he draped then bags, Laundry baskets and Weights, so he can hear and can see, if you move. In the three months in which he the girl since the age of 15. October held in 2018 a prisoner, he received even temporarily to visit. Up to twelve hours, the 13-Year-old had to endure under the bed, without water, without food, or go to the toilet. Also, if he left the house. Once he is said to have struck with a hard object, because they had upset him and allegedly threatened with a worse punishment, should this happen again.


In this house, Jayme Closs lived with their parents

©Jeff Baenen DPA

On the day of their escape, he should have told her that he was going to leave the house for five or six hours. After he was gone, she crawled under the bed, pulled on a Pair of shoes and ran out to the street, where they eventually met a woman who went with her dog for a walk. This alerted the police. One of the first words to have said of the Killer at the time of his arrest were: “I’ve done it.”

source: Washington Post


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