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Popular Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Now

Many times you must have noticed that your phone is getting sluggish and is taking time to load content or web pages. There are many popular android apps that slow down your phone. You must do a massive uninstall on your phone to make sure that it doesn’t lag anymore. It is a surprising fact that the apps that you use on regular basis are the ones responsible for slowing down your phone. Here are some of the popular apps that may be the reason for your phone lagging.



Snapchat is fun and entertaining to use and is one of the most popular apps that have millions of installs. It consumes a lot of your phone’s space and resources and can use a lot of your phone’s memory. Snapchat also drains a lot of your phone battery especially when you are posting stories.

Amazon Shopping


If you are a regular user of the Amazon App and there is a good chance that you might have the app installed on the phone. It is a great idea to access the Amazon website on your web instead of the application. It also drains your phone’s battery since it operates in the background.



If you have installed the Netflix app then there is a high chance that you keep your phone on for extended periods of time. Each Netflix show is at least 30 minutes long and your phone keeps on working during those 30 minutes. Once you are done watching the show you might need to charge your phone.



The Outlook Email app is the biggest reason why your phone needs a charge every now and then. If you regularly check your emails on the app then it might drain a lot of your battery. It is best if you uninstall the Outlook App and use the default email browser on your phone.

BBC News


BBC News app will help you to get connected with the world in a better way but it might not be the best app for your phone. It could be the reason why your phone lags often. The app takes time to load and can make your phone lag often. It also takes time to open and can also consume a lot of space on your phone. The BBC News app can also make your phone freeze and can make your operations slow on your phone.

Facebook and Messenger


Facebook and Messenger are one of the best ways to stay connected with your friends but the messenger app can take up a lot of space on your phone. It is best if you access Facebook on the browser of your phone instead of installing the Facebook app. The Facebook messenger also asks for your personal data such as your Facebook profile name and password. When someone messages you the icon keeps on appearing on the screen and it goes away only when you delete the icon yourself.

Joanne Elliot
Joanne Elliot
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