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Gold Rush Season 11 Coming Soon

Gold Rush is a popular television series that premiered in the entertainment industry on December 3, 2010. The show is has become so famous that it is renewed each time a season gets over. The show has been running for a decade and the television channel that broadcasts this show keeps in renewing the show because of its successful run. The show is popular and the product cost is also low so it is a win-win situation for the makers.

How many seasons Gold Rush has?

Gols Rush has completed 10 seasons and a total of 235 episodes have been released to date. Each episode of the show has a run time of 60 minutes. The team and crew members have hinted towards the eleventh season of the series. There are several blog posts and social media updates that indicate that Gold Rush will be coming back with an 11th season soon.

Gold Rush: What is it about?


Gold Rush was made for the audience located in the United States, but the show got more attention after it released on the digital medium. Christo Doyle is the producer of the series and he has played a major role in developing the series into such an extraordinary show.  The cast members who were experts in gold-mining have been a part of the show.

The series is about the challenges that are involved in extracting gold from the mines. Heavy machines are used for the operation and the initial episodes of the show had a big budget. Each season was shot in different parts of the country and highlights the lifestyle of the people and also reveals how they earn from mining gold.

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When Is Gold Rush Season 11 Release Date?

Gold Rush season 11 will be released on October,23,2020. The release will be possible only if the product starts on time. This is the previously announced release date but nothing is confirmed now as the pandemic has been disrupting every schedule. We are hoping that there won’t be any further delay and the fans of the show will be able to watch the show soon. The shooting of season 11 has been completed and it is in the final editing progress. The shooting got delayed due to the pandemic but it has been completed.

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Who Are The Cast Included In Gold Rush Season 11?

Cast details of the Gold Rush Season 11 are not officially announced yet. Yukon government has announced that the miners will be their essential workers. It indicates that the mining operations of Gold Rush Season 11 are being shot in parts of Canada that have many gold mining fields.

There are a huge number of employees in Canada that are struggling to earn income from mining. The cast details of Gold Rush Season 11 will be out in a few days and we will have to wait for the official confirmation from the team and the makers. We will update you as soon we get more details about the show.

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