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Gemini Man 2019 Movie Complete Review

Sniper Henry Brogan (Will Smith), who has been killing people for the United States secret service for years, wants to retire after one last mission. However, the man, who is increasingly plagued with regrets, does not have much time to enjoy his life, since suddenly it is the new goal of his former clients.


Clay Verris (Clive Owen), leader of a secret project called GEMINI, sees a threat in the ex-killer and wants to eliminate it at all costs. Verris reaches into his bag of tricks and sends an elite soldier named Junior (a digitally created Will Smith), a younger clone of Henry. Beside him on the break, he is accompanied by Danny Zakrzewski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and his old trusted friend Baron (Benedict Wong).

From this premise, Gemini Man develops in persecution across several continents and conspiracies. Henry is running away, especially from himself, and director Ang Lee captures this restless feeling with truly extraordinary production. After experimenting with 3D and increasing the frame rate in his drama Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, Gemini Man again uses 120 frames per second, which not only provides incredible sharpness but also an extraordinary sense of speed and movement

There are directors who approach their latest work with a matter of principle, not because they are always equally convincing, if not because they are at least interesting. Ang Lee is one of those directors. Throughout his career, which covers almost three decades, the Taiwanese director has shot several great titles, such as Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon, Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi, which have earned him world recognition, receiving an Oscar for Best Director on two occasions, which is also remarkable since no other non-white filmmaker has received this honor before him. For Gemini Man, he will certainly not be allowed to take a third golden child home with him.

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For more than 20 years the history of this film has been shot by several Hollywood studios, numerous directors and actors have been involved in the project and then left it. One of the reasons was that the necessary technology was not yet ready. And you can also discuss whether the subject is a thriller that suddenly takes over science fiction elements or a simple action movie.

It is easy to believe that history has been blacklisted for the aforementioned time, since Gemini Man is a remnant of the 90’s action cinema, being an old-fashioned B-series movie, only with better technology. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, it is clearly said from the beginning – even if a government killer does not exactly meet the classic definition of “good.” Nor is it convincing if the opponent, in this case, Clive Owen, wants to be more than a villain. It is a total waste of the talent of this actor, lagging behind secondary roles by Hollywood.

Theme Of Gemini Man:

Gemini Man’s themes are quite interesting, especially from the moral point of view. However, the film does not give much space to these considerations and discussions, but rather drops it with force and changes us details of the story by shooting, chasing or even a bit of close combat. Lee is available for everything they can think of except for the script.

Most of these gadgets are impressive, other times they are so exaggerated that they don’t really impress us. Will Smith, in particular, is allowed to put himself in the spotlight, and it is because of that magnetism that he has as a star of the genre. For the rest, it often offers nothing interesting. A pity, for example, is how unimportant the colleague played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead is.

But they also don’t have enough to do, even though the movie has enough space with a run time of two hours. That is why Gemini Man is recommended above all to Smith fans or to an audience with an affinity for technology. If you do not belong to one or another group, you can also stay at home.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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