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Bryan Danielson Reveals Why He Plays More Matches For WWE

AEW star Bryan Danielson is surprising all the wrestling fans with his powerful performances. He recently made an appearance on Gresh and Keefe to reveal a lot about his preferences. The show is hosted by Andy Gresh and Rich Keefe. Bryan has recently made his debut at AEW at All Out in Sep.  He also opened up about the story when AEW asked him to sign up for some important matches. It convinced him to sign up with AEW but he still prefers playing more for WWE. What is the reason behind it? Let’s take a look at this interview:

Bryan likes to try new things

bryan 2

Bryan has revealed his heartfelt conversations about the comparison between WWE and AEW. Here is what he prefers:

“Well, so one of the things is just the excitement of doing something new,” Danielson stated. “I think we all get to those places where you’re like, ‘Okay, I’ve been doing this job for a while, and I really like it, but I kind of want to just try something else and do something a little different.’ That was part of the reason. Another reason is that AEW really focuses on the wrestling.

“You get more wrestling in two hours of AEW, I think, than you get in five hours of WWE TV, and I’m somebody who’s always liked the wrestling more than I like the in-ring interviews and all that kind of stuff. There’s some other stuff too. There’s a litany of reasons, but there are reasons to go the other way too. I think that’s one of the things that is a really positive thing about when I talk about AEW is that I loved working in WWE, and I still decided to leave and I think it’s because what AEW’s got going on is really exciting.”

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Multiple injuries forced Bryan to retire

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In this heart felt interview Bryan talked about the multiple injuries he had to face. It forced him to retire from WWE without having any second thoughts. Here is what he says about his comeback:

“It was really hard because I think I would still be retired if WWE didn’t have me come back and be the general manager because I really love wrestling, and I didn’t want to have to retire, ”he admits. “I was kind of forced to retire, and so then, they brought me in as a general manager. We were around it every single week, and I think I would have just gone off and started my own little organic farm or something like that.

“I would have been like, ‘Okay, I had a great time wrestling, but now I’ve transitioned into this other part of my life.’ Wellbeing around it but not being able to actually do the thing that I love was really, really hard, and then I just started doing all these different medical treatments that are a little bit out there, a little bit wild. A couple years later, I ended up getting cleared to wrestle. My passion for wrestling is so deep that you put me around it too long and I’m just gonna want to get in there.”

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