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Foxy Brown Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Personal life, Health Problems & More

Foxy Brown is a popular American rapper, model, and actress. She has got a lot of name and fame all across the globe. Foxy released her debut album in 1996 after signing up with Def Jam Records. She has worked hard to become an integral part of the hip-hop genre and most people love her songs. You may not know that she has been a part of a rap group called the Firm before going solo. As a solo artist, she released Chyna Doll. It topped nearly all the charts making her one of few female rappers to achieve this record. Broken Silence is another hit album that features the popular track Na Na Be Like. It also helped her earn Grammy nominations. Here are more details regarding Foxy so if you are interested keep reading below.

 Early Life and Bio

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Foxy Brown was born on September 6th of 1978 and is 42 years old currently. While growing up she has lived in New York City. Since her childhood singing talent was evident in her and she wanted to pursue it as a career. She took part in a talent contest and gave a good musical performance. While performing she was spotted by producers and they invited her to start rapping in various songs.


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Foxy Brown started her career by featuring in the songs of many famous artists. One of the most notable collaborations includes working with Toni Braxton and Jay-Z. Due to her talent, Def Jam Records signed her up when she was only 17. She released her debut album Ill Na Na but it got mixed reviews. However, the performance was good commercially as it sold over 100,000 copies sold. It debuted at number seven on the charts and featured popular artists like Jay-Z and Method Man.

All this while she started touring with multiple well-known artists such as Snoop Dogg, The Spice Girls, and Stone Temple Pilots. The second album with the name Chyna Doll got a release in 1992. The album went on to sell 173,000 copies in the first week itself and also did well on many charts. Apart from her Lauryn Hill has managed to get a similar kind of success. Another album with the name Broken Silence came out in 2001. It debuted at number five on the charts and sold over 130,000 units.

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Personal Life and Net Worth

Foxy has been in a relationship with a rapper named Kurupt. They decided to tie the knot but it was called off after some time. After her breakup, she got engaged to another rapper named Spragga Benz but they didn’t get married as well. The total net worth of Foxy happens to be around $1.8 million and she is one of the most popular singers.

Medical Issues

It is open in the media that Foxy has been involved in drugs. In 2002 she had to go to a rehab center to get rid of opioids addiction. She also revealed to her fans that she has been struggling with depression. Her fans were sad to know that she also suffered hearing loss and requires equipment to hear properly. She has also been into some controversies that landed her in jail.

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