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Five Feet Apart Review: Is the film worth watching?

Five feet apart is an interesting film that revolves around the most unexpected deaths of people. It is filmed well in the setup of a hospital corridor where many teens that are terminally ill are living. The film has given a lot of importance to all the elements so you will connect with it well. There are many people who are curious to know who dies at the end of the movie. If you have already watched the film you will know already and if you haven’t you shouldn’t spoil the suspense. Today we will review one of the most interesting films so let’s get started.

What is the plot of Five feet apart: Review

five feet apart 2

The story of five feet apart revolves around two teenagers that are suffering from terminal diseases. They fall in love instantly and are ready to let go of all the boundaries. Both teenagers know that they will infect each other if they get physically close. The love they have for each other doesn’t let them follow these restrictions though. They embrace all the consequences they have to face as they are in love. The direction of the film is done very well and the love between the teenagers will help all the viewers connect with them. The cast of the movie has done very well and the cast list includes:

  • Col Sprouse
  • Haley Lu
  • Claire Forlani

Did Will and Stella infect each other?

five feet apart 3

There are many people who are curious to know whether both the lovers survive in the movie or not. It is seen that the medications aren’t working for Will and he moves to another hospital to get a lung transplant. Both of them did infect each other as they get up close and personal. The best thing is that they both don’t die in the end and are saved which is a relief for all the audiences. The ending of the movie isn’t very desirable though as it ends with a lot of open-end questions.

Will the couple stay apart or get together, in the end, doesn’t have any proper answers for the viewers. If you don’t like sad movies it is not your cup of tea. There is sadness lingering around in every scene. You will keep thinking about the survival of Will and Stella somehow.

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How did Poe die?

Poe who happens to be a good friend of Stella dies due to cystic fibrosis. He was very close to Stella and she becomes sad when he passes away. It will keep you on the edge of the seats as you will want to know whether the leads will survive or not. Both of them have an illness that can turn out to be lethal for both. There are many friends including Stella’s sister who want both the lovers to maintain a distance. In the meantime, they forget about Poe but when he dies in the end they all become very sad. Poe’s death was unexpected as his lungs suddenly stop working and he couldn’t survive. His death brings a lot of twists and it is also considered as a breaking point between the lovely couple.

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