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BNA Episode 8: Release Date, Updates, and Spoilers

BNA is a Japanese Anime which has gained a lot of attention in a short period of time. A lot of people are enjoying what’s happening in the series. They all wait for the new episode to come out so they can know what will happen to their favourite characters. In the last episode, we saw that Shirou was passing by the Mayor’s office and saw Pingu and Michiru flying in the sky. When they saw Shirou they went down and started discussing a few things with them. If you want to know more about BNA episode 8 we will be talking about it in detail.

What can we expect from BNA episode 8?

A lot of twists were happening in the last episode where the workers saw Pingu and Michiru flying around in the sky. They don’t have the permission to do so actually so they had to land down immediately. Michiru is one of our favourite characters and she is fond of playing basketball and suddenly the rain starts to pour. She comes back inside and plans to sleep but suddenly she realizes that the rain has become very fast. It falls down on to the roof and a huge hole shows up. There is a beautiful bird which falls down on her bed and is suddenly turned into a human. She is surprised to see what’s happening with her. We are now seeing Alan getting impressed by Nazuna when she realized that he was saved by them.

Early in the morning when she goes on to the roof and fixes the hole she falls down and is very confused. A bird turned into human catches her and she is pleasantly surprised that she didn’t fall. If we talk about President Alan he goes on to meet Rose and Shirou who is the real advisor of the mayor. When Pingu and Michiru are flying in the sky the Mayor gets complaints that some terrorists are flying in the air. A new episode is going to reveal a lot of things so you need to wait and see how the story unfolds. You can catch up with the preview as it is already out and mind you it’s going to make you even more excited.BNA is produced by Trigger and Yoh Yoshinari is the director. They have made the Anime so well that you will love every bit of it.BNA stands for brand new animal and that’s why we are seeing so many birds turning into humans.

When will BNA episode 8 releases and how can I stream it?

BNA episode will be releasing on 28th May 2020 and the episode will be uploaded on the official channel Fuji TV soon after the broadcast. You can catch up with the series in English Subtitles so if you haven’t tried it out yet you are missing out a lot. Japanese Anime has a different kind of theme and storyline which usually attracts people of all ages. Youth and children love Anime the most but they also like to watch it with their families. You can watch the series on Netflix Japan. A lot of twists and turns with new revelations are coming up so don’t forget to catch up with the episode 8th which is coming out to capture your hearts.

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