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Mikako Tabe Net Worth, Career, Biography, Lifestyle And More Details

Mikako Tabe is a famous Japanese actress. She was born in Tokyo, Japan on January 25, 1989. The actress rose to fame by playing characters in films like the sci-fi adventure Hinokio (2005). She is also well known for playing a part in the TV series Aogeba Tôtoshi. She is also widely known for performing in the Sailor Moon stage musicals.


Mikako is one of the most successful movies and TV Actress in Japan. She is one of the richest actresses in Japan and has earned a position as the Most Popular Movie Actress all over the world. Mikako Tabe is 30 years old and has done a lot of work in the entertainment business at a young age.

Net Worth


According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and other reliable sources, famous Japanese actress Mikako Tabe estimated net worth is $1-5 Million. She is currently 30 years old and her net worth is expected to increase in the coming years.

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Mikako Tabe Dating and Relationships


Mikako Tabe is dating actor Kubota Masataka. The actor was spotted driving Tabe Mikako’s car and they were seen together entering Mikakp’s apartment in May. Tabe and Masataka entered her apartment, and they spent the night together there.

The couple was spotted again around 8:30 am when the actress was seen seeing off her boyfriend from the back door of the apartment. The young actors, met on the sets of the TBS drama ‘Ooku~Tanjou~’. The couple had some love scenes together and got involved with each other. The couple has kept their relationship under wraps and Tabe’s agency has not confirmed their relationship.

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Mikako has been a part of many TV shows and films. They include:

  •          Living In Your Sky | Sora ni Sumu (2020) – Naomi Kobayakawa
  •          Little Nights, Little Love | Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (2019) – Saki Honma (shampu-san)
  •         Love’s Twisting Path | Tajuro Junaiki (2019) – Otoyo
  •          Tiger: My Life as a Cat | Tora san: Boku ga Neko ni Natta Wake (2019) – Natsuko Takahata
  •        Every Day A Good Day | Nichinichikorekojitsu (2018) – Michiko
  •      Soreike! Anpanman: Buruburu no Takarasagashi Daibouken! (2017) – voice
  •         Midnight Diner 2 | Zoku Shinya Shokudo (2016) – Michiru
  •         Sing My Life | Ayashii Kanojo (2016) – Setsuko Otori
  •          Piece of Cake (2015) – Shino Umemiya
  •          Midnight Diner | |Shinya Shokudo (2015) – Michiru Kuriyama
  •         Liar Game: Reborn | Raia Gemu – Saisei – (2012) – Yu Shinomiya
  • ·         Tale of Genji: A Thousand Year Engima | Genji Monogatari: Sennen no Nazo (2011) – Noue Aoi
  •          From Me to You | Kimi ni Todoke (2010) – Sawako Kuronuma
  •         A Crowd of Three | Kenta to Jun to Kayo-chan no Kuni (2010) – Yumika
  •          Fish Story | Fisshu Sutori (2009) – Masami
  •         For Those We Love | Ore wa, kimi no tame ni koso shini ni iku (2007) – Reiko Torihama
  •         The Scary Folklore: Ura no Sho | Kowai Doyo Ura no Sho (2007) – Ayane Masaki
  •         The scary folklore: Omote no sho (2007) – Ayane Masaki
  •          The Adventures of Super Monkey | Saiyuki (2007)
  •          Night Time Picnic | Yoru no Pikunikku (2006) – Takako Koda
  •          Island of Light | Goya-champuru (2006) – Hiromi Suzuki
  •          Route 225 (2006)
  •          Way of Blue Sky | Aozora no yukue (2005) – Haruna Kawahara
  •          Hinokio: Inter Galactic Love | Hinokio (2005) – Jun Kudo
  •          Meeru de todoita monogatari CHANGE THE WORLD! (2005)
  •          Goya Chanpuru (2005)
  •          The Reason | Riyu (2004)
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