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Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 Still in Conceptual Planning Stage

A remake of Final Fantasy VII Other staff interviews on the remake of Final Fantasy VII published via Ultimania was published on the Internet by aitaikimochi. In one of the final parts of the discussion, co-directors Motomu Toriyama and Naoki Hamaguchi and combat director Teruki Ando talk about what will happen in the remake of Final Fantasy VII, part 2, which involves the larger world outside the city of Midgar.


Editor’s note: Here are the Final Fantasy VII remake spoilers.

When he explained if the development had already gone to the remake of Final Fantasy VII, part 2, Hamaguchi said that he had ideas almost at the conceptual planning stage and that nothing concrete for the moment. Toriyama joked that since he was in charge of the Midgar section in the original game, he knows the same thing as the back of his hand, but the gameplay needs to be relaunched to remember the smallest details.

As a world map, the two agreed that the objective of the next game would allow players to explore the world outside of Midgar in relation to the targeted story of the first FFVII remake. However, the way the world is constructed must be taken into account, so that it can be balanced to continue the ongoing dramatic intrigue. Toriyama is worried about how the big world will be created and said it will likely be made using completely different technologies than the one used to make Midgar.

Finally, Endo has said it hopes to connect even more with the base game system of the next game and contribute better new design and gameplay elements in the remake of Final Fantasy VII, part 2.

You can read the full statement below:

Note that the interview was recorded on March 19, 2020, one month before the game’s release date in April 2020. This means that the situation may have changed slightly since the interview was recorded.

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The remake of Final Fantasy VII is currently available on PlayStation 4. You can also see what director Tetsuya Nomura did in the remake of Final Fantasy VII and the end of the FFVII compilation and what the term “remake” meant.

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