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Eco Latest Major Game Update Revealed By Strange Loop Games

Strange Loop Games has revealed that Eco is getting a new update soon. The game required some much-needed changes and this is why the team behind the game was working to develop some changes to the game. The Eco team will be releasing the 9.6 Update.

This new update will include items such as 3D food that you can actually eat. You will also be able to enjoy food that spoils. The gamers are in for a surprise as the game will also have shopping carts. These were some highly-requested improvements to the Server. Here is the latest major game update for Eco. Scroll down to know more.

Food Spoilage

A major problem in the real world is food waste. With this new Update, we are introducing a completely new mechanic that will add shelf life to all food items. Each shelf will be designed according to the type of food. Once the shelf life of food runs out, it will spoil the only good for making compost.

This mechanic will incentivize food producers and force them to think about the sustainable production of their goods. You will be able to minimize losses due to food spoilage. The new update will also introduce a new important factor that must be considered within the economy on Eco servers.

The new technology level in your world will provide you with many options to dispose of food. The Icebox and Refrigerator are also updated and then you will get bonuses for food freshness. This brand new Industrial Refrigerator offers a storage capacity that is similar to the Silo. While we are at the Silo –the team has also added some Powered Silo which will allow you to extend the shelf life of your crops as well.

3D Food

The art team has been hard at work and has crafted over 140 3D models for the different food items that we have in the Eco. These items will be displayed in your new player’s hands when you are selecting the food in your toolbar.

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The developers also intend to expand this feature and will allow the placement of food on and eating it at the tables in the future. Each food has will have its own eating animation and it will fit the displayed food.

If you love watching longer animations, you can also use the “gulping” features. The new features are fully moddable and will allow the modders to add their own 3D models and animations. The food mods out there will bring new possibilities for the players.

First Person View

The developers have made some new and improved additions to the game. You will improve immersion during gameplay, and will be introduced to character hands in first person view. The first-person view will allow you to be able to see your character holding their tools. You can also accompany this new feature and get the feature updated with lots of animations for tool usage.

Shop Cart

The customers tend to be somewhere else and will get magically at the point that is most far from you. That’s no longer a problem because this new Update will be introduced in the Shop Carts.  These carts will act as mobile stores.

These carts are designed with internal storage of the cart, and you will be able to link to any other storage in their vicinity. If the customers don’t come to you, you just have to pop up the store that is next to your customers. Make sure that you get the government permits, though!

Server Queue

There will be server administrators in the community and are added more often. It is one of the most requested features that will be added to the servers. A server queue will let the place players try and connect to a full server.

You will be left in the queue until the server has enough room and will wait to join. Administrators also add the reserved slots and will let the players bypass the queue. You will also be able to configure priority-based queue positions. The players will be able to join at the front of the queue instead.

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