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Punjab E-Bike Scheme: A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Registration

Punjab Bike Scheme for Students 2024: Eligibility, Last Date and Draw Date

In a move to support students in Punjab, CM Maryam Nawaz approved the 2024 bike scheme. This program offers interest-free bikes with easy monthly payments, reflecting the government’s focus on youth welfare through transparent processes and student-friendly payment plans.

Total Bike Distribution:

The scheme will distribute 20,000 bikes, including 19,000 petrol bikes and 1,000 electric bikes (e-bikes), catering to both urban and rural areas.

Urban and Rural Quotas:

In urban regions, bikes are divided equally between male and female students (50% each), promoting gender equality. In rural areas, 70% of bikes are reserved for male students and 30% for females, matching the demographic distribution.

Punjab Bike Scheme for Students 2024: Eligibility, Last Date and Draw Date

Registration Process for Bike Scheme 2024:

Registration will kick off soon via the Bank of Punjab (BOP), with bike distribution scheduled by the end of May.

Eligibility Criteria for Punjab Bike Scheme 2024:

Students pursuing degree programs at any Higher Education Commission (HEC) recognized university or graduate college in Punjab, whether public or private, are eligible to apply. The applicant’s status as a regular student will be verified by the respective educational institution.

Fair Distribution System:

A transparent draw is set for May 2024 to ensure fairness in bike allocation. The process starts in May following Eid after timely updates to the public as per CM Maryam Nawaz’s directives.

Distribution Update and Draw Date:

The draw date update will be managed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) using electronic voting expected in May 2024. Motorcycles will be distributed to students in the same month following Eid after timely public updates as per CM Maryam Nawaz’s instructions.

Payment Plan for E-Bike Scheme 2024:

Down Payment: Rs25,000 (as reported)

Monthly Installments

  • E-Bikes: Rs10,000
  • Petrol Bikes: Rs5,000

the Punjab Student Bike Scheme 2024 offers an opportunity for students to own bikes through affordable installment plans and transparent processes. With a focus on youth welfare and gender equality, this initiative reflects a commitment to empowering the student community in Punjab. Stay updated on registration and distribution details to make the most of this beneficial scheme introduced by the government.

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