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Elin Nordegren Net Worth, Early Life, Relationship Details, Divorce And Other Details

Elin Nordegren is from Sweden and is a famous model. She is most famous for being the ex-wife of the professional golfer Tiger Woods. She came into public attention after getting married to Tiger Woods. She gained a lot of attention from the media and her name was mentioned in various sports magazines and news portals when she was married to Tiger Woods. Her relationship with Tiger Woods failed relationship and she has moved on now in her life.

Net Worth

Elin has a net worth of $200 million. Most of her net worth is credited to her marriage with the world-famous golfer Tiger Woods. A major share of her net worth is attributed to the substantial sum that she received as the divorce settlement.

Early Life

Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren was born on January 1st of 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a twin sister and a brother. Her mother was a politician and her father worked as a radio journalist. Elin was a good student when she was young and also worked for odd jobs to fund her education. She started her modeling career in 2000 in order to support herself. She has appeared on the cover of “Cafe Sport.”

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Moving to the United States

Elin Nordegren got interested in the golfing community after meeting Jesper and Mia Parnevik. Jesper is a professional golfer, and she met Elin when she worked at a clothes store in Stockholm. The couple hired her as a nanny for their kids and she moved to the United States to become a nanny full-time.

Relationship with Tiger Woods

Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren met Tiger Woods and he fell for her instantly. Woods had asked Nordegren several times to introduce Elin to him, but at that time she was dating someone else. She was also focusing on her career goals and wanted to become a child psychologist.

Jesper and Mia Parnevik also revealed later that they shouldn’t have introduced Elin Nordegren to Woods, as they thought that he was not a bad guy. Tiger and Elin got engaged in 2004 and they got married at the Shady Lane Resort in Barbados.

Decline of Marriage

Elin’s nude photographs were published and this rose to a lot of controversies. She filed a suit against the offending publication and won the case. Her marriage with Tiger fell apart during that time and Tiger was annoyed with all the gossip going on in the media related to his wife.

Tiger admitted that he had been cheating on his wife and he slept with many different women while he was in a relationship with Elin. Elin and Tiger have two children together. Elin was a devoted wife and was doing a good job at raising their children.

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Divorce Settlement

Nordegren filed for a divorce as the entire world knew that he was unfaithful many times. Tiger admitted that he wanted to make things right with his wife but Elin wanted a divorce, and nothing convinced her.

Elin received a sum of $100 million, which is 20% of Tiger’s net worth. Elin owns the custody of the children, and Tiger’s future and present girlfriends have been banned to come in contact with the kids.

After the Divorce

After breaking up with Tiger Woods she started dating Chris Cline who passed away in 2019. She started going out with the NFL player Jordan Cameron gave birth to his son the same year. Elin Nordegren spends time with Tiger Woods alongside their children and has been appreciating the efforts made by Tiger to become a good father.

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