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Brian Regan Net Worth, Bio, Salary & Personal Life

Brian Regan is an American standup comedian, actor, and author who is one of the richest artists in Hollywood. He is known as a clean and professional comedian and the best thing is that he doesn’t copy anyone. Brian keeps everything simple and doesn’t go over the top. You will not be surprised to know that he takes real-life situations and keeps the flavor in his comedy acts. He is an observational and sarcastic comic that is why he has been getting compliments for his work. His facial expressions, body language enhance his performances and jokes while he is out on the stage.


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Brian Regan was born on June 2nd, 1958 in Miami; Florida. He belongs to a big family that consists of his parents and eight siblings. His brother Denis is also a standup comedian but many people believe that he is way more talented than him. Even though his brother was already a popular comedian he never took advantage of this situation. While he was growing up he was a huge fan of Martin, Johnny Carson, and The Smothers Brothers. He dropped out of college when he was in the last semester as he wanted to pursue his comedian act.


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Brian had many career options in mind but it was a comedy that finally won him over. He started gaining a lot of popularity when he used to work for the regional comedy clubs. Brain started off by coming into Pat Sajak Show and this was just the beginning.In1991 he was happy enough to get a chance to star in The Tonight Show alongside Johnny Carson. Once he featured in these shows there was no looking back. He started working for Something’s Wrong with the Regan Boy and this was where he got the chance to showcase his skills even more. He appeared on many other comedy shows that include:

  • An Evening at the Improv
  • Short Attention Span Theatre
  • Katz: Professional Therapist
  • Just for Laughs

Personal Life

In 1990 Brian was busy performing as a standup comedian in a small club in Las Vegas. He met his lady love in the club. There was a beautiful woman who was standing in the front row caught his attention and it was love at first sight. Once his show was over he directly went up to her and introduced him. The name of his wife is Kathleen Bieszczat and they dated for a year before getting married. They had two kids together but the couple got divorced in 2011. He loves Pink Floyd and likes to spend quality time with his family. During his school time, he was known to be someone who loved sleeping and could sleep anywhere at all.

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Net Worth

The total net worth of Brian happens to be around $7 million. He believes in spending money moderately and he even thought about homeschooling his kids when they were young. Brian loves to spend a lot of time golfing as it happens to be one of his biggest hobbies. He owns a big house in Las Vegas and his family used to be a part of all his tours.

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