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Carl Bernstein Net Worth, Age, Bio, Career, Relationships & Salary

Carl Bernstein is a popular American investigative journalist. He is a perfectionist and likes to present authentic news to everyone. Most of the viewers recognize him for covering the Watergate scandal. He also wrote a book with the title ‘’All the President’s Men” and surprisingly it came out as a movie too. He is a senior journalist who has retired a long time ago but the new generation of journalists always looks up to him. Here is what you need to know about Carl and his personal details.

Early Life and Bio

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Carl was born on February 14th, 1944 and he is 76 years old currently. He was keenly taking interest in journalism when he was young and followed all the news items well. His height is five feet and eight inches. During his childhood his parents always supported him and that is how he decided to pursue a career as a journalist. He belongs to a Jewish family and both of his parents have served as civil rights activists. He started working for the Washington Post and covered the local and international news. Even though he had a perfect talent for being a journalist he worked hard to get a degree.

Personal Life and Relationships

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The personal life of Carl has been full of ups and downs even though he wanted a stable love life. He has had few relationships and also got married three times. He has been a full-time journalist and maybe because of that, he couldn’t give time to his marriage. All the local and international news have been covered by him. He has dated many other famous women but nothing has been concrete in the end.

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Net Worth and Salary

Carl made a good amount of money since his first association with the Washington Post. He is a writer, journalist, and author who has gained a lot of success. His total net worth is estimated to be $16 million. He has also been a successful political commentator for CNN. When he revealed the big scandals of the Government a lot of investigations were held for the same. He has always focused on the use of power and abuse through his news and books. There is no such information about his annual salary details but it must be high too.

A career as a journalist

Carl started his career by working for the Washington Post. He has always exposed the wrongdoings of big names without any fear. All the viewers exactly know that if he is reporting the facts will be involved. When the journalist is ready to expose the wrongdoings of the Government there is no stopping and success will come. He has also tried his skills and wrote some of the most famous books. The books like ‘’All the President’s Men (1974) and The Final Days (1976) made him an overnight star. In his book, all the president’s men were taken for making a Hollywood movie. If this isn’t enough the movie also went on to grab four academy awards.

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