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Main fintech models

Previously, to complete any financial transaction, you had to stand in line and wait for the transfer to be completed. For physical businesses, this meant investing in expensive hardware, hiring consultants, and loading often complex systems, all of which ultimately led to increased operating costs. This was an inconvenience for both clients and various financial enterprises. But now everything has changed.

In recent years, technology has advanced at a dizzying level, and one of the main results has been the transformation of the financial sector. If you are looking for a good company that will help you apply the latest technologies in your business, then check out our list of fintech software companies.

This is how the fintech industry was born, consisting of companies that use the Internet as a hub for providing financial services through innovative and streamlined models. Thanks to them, users have been able to eliminate physical and geographical barriers: they no longer need to go to the bank to get a loan. It is also not necessary to download a system for maintaining electronic accounting. Everything is greatly simplified. Now you can replenish your account, complete any transaction or send money using your phone.

fintech software companies

Business models that have emerged thanks to fintech

  • Digital payments. Integrated systems for conducting transactions without cash. You can carry out any transfers or other financial transactions without the need to have cash for this and go somewhere. This can all be done online;
  • Alternative loans. Basic financial services just got a whole lot easier. To get a loan, you do not need to go to the bank and wait in line, as well as fill out a large number of pieces of paper. Everything is much simpler and available in applications;
  • Personal finance management. You can track and analyze your expenses and income with the help of special financial tools. This is a great way to build efficient use of funds.
  • Business management platforms. Cloud systems for managing the work and processes of companies, such as accounting, finance, payroll, and others have become an integral part of the modern world;
  • Financial assets and the stock market. Platforms for investing in financial instruments such as bonds, equity, derivatives, debt, and currencies are also on the rise. This can also be safely called the direction of fintech;
  • Insurance. To perform property insurance, you can also turn to modern technologies and simplify this process at times;
  • Asset Management. Wealth management solutions through digital channels and Robo-advisers will help your business become more efficient. The more modern technology you use, the better;
  • Money transfers. Applications and platforms for national and international transfers have become part of our reality. Now in just two clicks, you can complete the desired transaction;
  • Digital banks. Now the main banks are on your phone. To access all services and features, you just need to install the application.


Fintech is our future. The financial sector will continue to develop with the help of modern technologies. And the more you apply them in your business, the more customers you can attract. In addition, you simplify the work for your employees and allow them to concentrate on something more important.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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