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Alexis Sky Net Worth, Bio, Age, Salary, Height & More

Alexis Sky is a model and American reality Television personality. She is gaining a lot of success through her charm and the reality show watchers love to watch her. Alexis is popular for most of her works but she is mainly known for starring in the VH1 show. Love and hip-hop Hollywood TV series has been everyone’s favorite for a long time now. Many people don’t know much about her. If you want to know more about this talented personality read the following details we are sharing with you.


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Alexis was born on July 14th, 1994 in Newyork and she started her career as a model. She is also a partner of Masika and they both are very famous personalities. They have been controversially involved with Fetty Wap and made headlines. Alexis is known to be very close to her family and they were living a life where the money is always an issue. She started earning at a young age and gives money to her parents.

She always wanted to become a model and got success too. Alexis is 23 years old currently and the city is Long Island. She grew up in a family where there were only males. She is of Chinese and Jamaican heritage and all her fans love her a lot. Alexis is one of the most prominent celebrities and fans look up to her for a lot of things.

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The social media fan following

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Being a hot model and a prominent television celebrity Alexis is popular on social media too. She has an impressive lineup of 2 million followers on Instagram and it continues to grow with time. Her birth sign is cancer and she posts plenty of videos for her fans and followers. She is an interesting personality who doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. Being a controversial reality television star she has been into few controversies but has confidently talked about them with the media.

Personal relationships

Alexis is in a relationship with Fetty Wap and they are blessed with a baby daughter named Alayia. The rapper is also a fellow artist from the popular VH1 reality show. Love and hip-hop Hollywood made them overnight stars and they are earning a lot from it. There are rumors about their breakup or fights and he even denied that Alayia is his daughter. Alexis is a young model and a mother too but she likes to keep her fit. Many fans ask her to give some good fitness tips so they can also remain fit.

Net worth

The net worth of Alexis is around $500 thousand and she is earning quite well. Apart from her reality television show career, she has opened up the Bella Sky Spa in Atlanta, Georgia. She has also worked as a dancer and model. She has gotten into some controversies and one of them is her fight with Masika Kalysha. Masika and her boyfriend have also been in a relationship and Alexis feels irritated because of it.

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