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Itaewon Class Season 2 Release Date, Renewal, Cast, Plot and Trailer details

South Korean dramas have become one of the most popular dramas in the world. Despite the language, barrier people have been watching them with English subtitles all over the world. Itaewon Class is a South Korean drama that just aired on the South Korean cable channel JTBC and it managed to garner high ratings. The show just ended and the fans are already hoping for a second season. A lot of speculations have been made about the shows upcoming second seasons and we have gathered all the rumors and gossips regarding the second season. Here is everything you need to know about the awaited second season of Itaewon class.

Most of the South Korean dramas don’t have second seasons and the shows mostly run for just one season. There are a few shows that have got multiple seasons and fans of Itaewon class are hoping that they might get lucky and get the second season of Itaewon class. The drama aired its last episode on 21st March 2020 leaving hopes for a second season.

Was season 1 of Itaewon Class a successful drama?

Itaewon Class started off on a slow note and had average ratings but with time it managed to improve its rating and ended on making records. The show gained momentum as the episodes aired and went on to become audience favorite. The fans were impressed by the storyline and everything about the show and week by week the show spiked up on the ratings charts. Major speculations are being made about the second season because the show ended on high rating.

It garnered average ratings 11.38% rating nationwide and attained 12.56% rating in Seoul Metropolitan city alone. The finale got 16. 548% nationwide and has become one of the highest rated dramas in South Korea. After getting such high ratings for the final episode fans are hopeful that the production team might give a green signal to the second season.

What will happen in Itaewon Class season 2?

In the final episode of the Itaewon Class Park Bo Gum made a cameo and his cameo has made fans curious and hopeful about the second season. The show is based on a webtoon and is based on the character of Park se royi who is an ex-convict. His life gets tangled up when he ends up beating a bully at school. His father ends up dying and he is left alone. He opens up a bar in the Itaewon area and that’s where the story goes ahead. The second season is expected to be focused on the romance of Oh Soo Ah and Park Bo Gum’s character. The show is expected to have a new storyline if it comes with a second season.

Who will be a part of Itaewon Class Season 2?

The first seasons had some talented actors and they are probably going to make a return if the second season is officially announced. The list of actors includes:

  • Park Seo-joon as Park Sae-ro-yi
  • Kim Da-mi as Jo Yi-seo
  • Yoo Jae-myung as Jang Dae-hee
  • Kwon Nara as Oh Soo-ah
  • Kim Dong-hee as Jang Geun-soo
  • Ryu Kyung-soo as Choi Seung-kwo
  • Kim Yeo-jin as Jo Jeong-min

Is there a trailer for the second season?

Since the second season hasn’t been finalized there is no trailer of the show available on the internet. When the show gets a green signal from the channel and the production house and when the filming starts only then we would be able to get a trailer. If you haven’t watched Itaewon class season 1 do check out because it is available on several websites with English subtitles.

What is the expected release date of Itaewon Class season 2?

Itaewon Class season 2 might get launched in the fall of 2020 if it gets renewed for a second season. The official release date is not announced and we will keep you updated with the upcoming stories and gossips related to Itaewon Class.

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