a porn actress Stormy Daniels is the former lawyer of the US President, Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, praised, before the U.S. Congress, the “truth” about the hush money payments to, she said. She was “proud” to Cohen, because he repair finally try some of the caused “damage to,” said Daniels. You will understand the fear of the Cohen to his family.”I remember the fear that you feel. I feel you still,” continued the porn actress with the real name Stephanie Clifford. “Thank you, that you had the courage.”

hush money payment to Stormy Daniels

Cohen said on Wednesday before the permanent investigating Committee of the house of representatives in Washington against his former boss Trump. Accordingly, Trump will be even been to the office in allegedly illegal efforts to conceal a hush money payment to Clifford involved.

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Trump affair in Germany

A woman in the mood of a Stress – on-the-go with Stormy Daniels on the “Venus” in Berlin

Niels Kruse

Clifford, to have the married Trump in the year 2006 having an affair. Cohen admitted to have Daniels just before the presidential election, a hush money in the amount of $ 130,000 is paid. The Federal court in New York sentenced Cohen in December, among other things, because of this payment, sees this as an illegal electoral campaign financing.

During his testimony gave Cohen on the record that he had been subjected to threats by the President and his followers. He was afraid for his safety and that of his family.

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