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WWE Makes Face Masks Mandatory To Wrestlers And Staff

.All the wrestling fans have been worried about the safety of their favorite wrestlers who are entertaining the audiences. It seems like a sigh of relief from them as WWE has made it mandatory for the wrestlers and staff to wear masks 24/7. Even all the fans that will be attending Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view have to wear masks. The event will take place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. It doesn’t matter what is the vaccination status of fans, staff and wrestlers as they all need to wear masks. Here are more details regarding this story:

Face Masks mandatory for Wrestlers and Staff

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All the wrestling fans who will be attending SummerSlam have to wear masks and it has now become mandatory. The organizers at the stadium have also updated their rules and regulations to keep everyone safe and secure. It is mandatory to wear mask in Clark County, Nevada. The Ringside news has also reported that the fans at the SummerSlam will not be the only one to wear masks. All the talent and staff at WWE have to wear it as well. Here is what it says:  “24/7 mask mandate except while eating or drinking.” The new order is applied for one and all and there are no exceptions for it either.

If this isn’t enough it is also reported that all the staff, organizers and wrestling stars must be tested for the COVID-19 backstage. This will bring in a lot of safety on and off the stage and protect everyone. All these rules will be mandatory due to a rise in COVID-19 across the country.

Relations head John Laurinaitis at WWE talent has issued a notice for everyone and it is important for all to take care of the details. This is what the company has to offer “Effective immediately and until further notice, COVID testing will resume at every TV and event. More details to come soon.”

Rise in COVID-19 Cases

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All the organizers behind WWE and SummerSlam event have been taking care of the rules and regulations set for everyone. The number of positive cases all over the country are increasing and it is important to keep the safety rules intact. There is also a possibility that ThunderDome settings will now be available for everyone. If you are interested to have more updates keep checking this space on Wrestling. All the organizers and wrestling fans are now tired of this COVID-19. They are praying hard that it slows down very soon.

MLW officials are also keeping a close eye on the rising cases of COVID-19 as the delta variant is an infectious type. They are preparing to come back with a bang in Dallas, Texas on Saturday. The Big War Chamber event will be taking place on September 11.

According to the MLW’s Dr. Sweglar the positivity ratio of the virus is alarming. Here is what he says: “In Texas the molecular positivity rate hit 18.07% on Thursday, “That’s highly concerning to me.”

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