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How Does The Marking Machine Work?

As the business world is developing day by day, the demand for innovation is also increasing. Everyone wants to work with someone who can ensure a modification. This modification is responsible for creating a positive vibe for your products’ sale too. Also, there are some technologies which can make your products more demanding and they look more sophisticated too. Today, I will tell you about the one thing that matters a lot to make your products’ sales more and attractive. The tracing and marking techniques. The marking is the one most important thing that can make your products look more professionally manufactured and also able to define your company, as the marking or engraving also includes your brand’s name.

There are many different types of machines that are available in the market to serve you. But as they are really important for your business work, so you have to choose them wisely. Well, I have a solution for it too.

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What Types Of Marking Machines Are Available?

There different types of marking machines available in the market. All have some unique modes of actions and mechanisms. We will discuss a few of them one by one.

DOT PEEN MARKING SYSTEM: The dot pin marking machine is one of the most famous marking system available. This system is allowing you to mark your product finely. These machines are really useful for any modern university. This machine is employed to mark the hard and heavy or big parts of your product. This marking though is not precise but it can mark your identity. It is a portable machine with affordable prices. Many industries are using this machine as a marking solution. There are many different subtypes are also. It includes HS-DE-series and HS-PE-Series (best-sellers) and many others.


The mechanism of a dot peen marking system is so easy and also different from others, that makes it unique from others too.

The working of this machine is based on electromechanical strikes by the carbide or a diamond stylus against the surface of the part to be marked. This results in the successful successions of dots to create a logo, digit, or anything you want. Every single dot is resulted by a pulse of current that passes a solenoid. This will make a stylus to returns back to its position after pushing the magnet towards its surface. After another pulse, the process will occur again. A pulse occurs only in a fraction of a second.


This marking machine system is the most advanced system of marking used by many professionals. The marking of this machine cannot be removed by any method. Although, the laser technique is providing you a chance to engrave your brand’s name permanently over your product’s surface. It can be a source of identification for you. It has 4 subtypes which are

  • Fiber laser
  • YAG laser
  • Galvo CO2 laser
  • Excimer UV laser


The laser marking machine system works by two different methods, either by changing the color or by changing the specular reflection.

  • Change in specular reflection:

This is done by the laser engraving method. As it is an engraving method, it means that it includes the removal of material from that particular area. This method is usually done on metals. For this process, the frequency should be optimal to get the best results. Lasers having a short pulse and high power peaks are generally good for this process.

  • Change in color:

The materials that can change the colors are best in this method. This method is also known as an Annealing process. This process is being done when the laser beam heats the surface by this a mask appears on the surface by oxidation. Due to this, the surface gets its colored appearance. The products of stainless steel usually surgical equipment and other medical instruments, used this machine for marking procedures. It is useful in marking codes on equipment.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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