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Graffiti Games To Release World’s Worst Handyman For PC & Console

Graffiti Games have teamed up with developers Baby Lumberjack and have designed a wonderful new video game. The companies revealed that the title of the video game will be World’s Worst Handyman. The game will be released for PC and consoles. If you are looking forward to the game, then you can find out more about it in this post.

World’s Worst Handyman Release Date

World’s Worst Handyman is coming to PC and console. The release date of the video game has not been revealed by the developers. However, they have revealed that it will be out sometime in 2022.

World’s Worst Handyman Plot

The players will get the chance to help out the worst of the worst handyman. They will be in charge to help him become a better handyman. During this process, you will solve puzzles that will allow you to repair objects. He has made those objects worse and you will fix them using your skills. The Handyman is doing it for a good cause because he wants to help save his local animal shelter.

World’s Worst Handyman Gameplay

The world’s worst handyman, Doug, is given a job and he needs your help. He wants to save his furry friends who are trapped at the local animal shelter! You take on repair jobs all around the town. The players will be using Doug’s non-existent skills that are stuck in the slapstick stealth handyman sim. You will take an unintentional path of destruction and dodge workplace hazards.

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The players will have to fight hazards like the angry granny, a Roomba-riding cat, and a haunted scarecrow. You will have to figure out how to progress by finding the right tool for every task. The players will locate the stray animal and will keep their special toy safe at each level. If you can manage to fix more than you break, then you will be awarded cash. Doug needs must save the big, bad bank from foreclosing on the animal shelter.

World’s Worst Handyman Features

  • The players will revel in the accidental destruction that is caused by Doug’s slapstick repairs. You will try your best to fix more than you break. It is essential for you to fix the toilet that has been flooding the bathroom…
  • Dodge the workplace hazards by using a different tactic each time. If you get caught, then it will set you back to your last save point.
  • The players will have to figure out their progress in the game. They will be given the charge to find tools and activate switches. You will be locating triggers, keys, and all the items that you need to move forward.
  • Track down collectables at every level. The players will be awarded the stray animal and their special toy.
  • Save your furry friends by grabbing enough cash. This will allow you to prevent the bank from foreclosing on the shelter.
  • If you succeed, then you will save the shelter, and also earn enough cash to give the goofy puppy a safe and forever home.
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