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Why Prebuilt Gaming PCs Make an Excellent Choice for Gamers

The most critical factors in any PC are its processor, motherboard, graphics card, case, and power supply. While building your own is possible, it’s challenging for the average person. There are dozens of components with different specs that must be considered simultaneously.

The compatibility between these parts is essential to ensure everything works together correctly. Fortunately, prebuilt gaming PCs save you the hassle of hunting down all these components and putting them together.

Rather than spending hours sorting through endless lists of parts just to find the best one, most companies offer custom-made configurations that are guaranteed to work. Here are reasons why you should consider purchasing a prebuilt gaming PC instead of building one yourself:

1. Prebuilt Gaming Computers Are Guaranteed Compatible

When you buy a prebuilt PC, the specifications have likely been checked to ensure that they’re all compatible with each other. For example, if the motherboard is incompatible with some of the other components in your PC, it can cause crashes or prevent them from working at total capacity. In contrast, most prebuilt PCs are guaranteed to work properly together. In addition, rather than researching compatible parts yourself, the company will have made sure everything works well with each other.

2. Prebuilt Gaming Computers Often Include a Warranty

If a part malfunctions a few months after you purchase your PC, who’s responsible? The answer is the company that built it. It covers you against faulty parts and hardware issues, which are standard with any computer system. When you buy your PC from a manufacturer, they will often include a warranty for specific components if they’re purchased together. For example, Intel offers warranties ranging from two to three years, depending on their processor.

If you buy an Intel CPU, it will automatically be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Prebuilt Computers Save You Time and Energy

When you build your PC, it can easily take ten or more hours to assemble all the necessary components. It is time that many people just don’t have. And guess what? If you make a mistake, you’ll have to do it all over again. That’s why buying a prebuilt PC can save you tons of time and energy that you can spend on playing games.

4. Prebuilt PCs are Easier to Upgrade

If you purchase your components, they’re not always compatible with future hardware upgrades. For example, if you buy a motherboard, upgrading your graphics card or specific memory modules could be impossible. It is because not all hardware upgrades are compatible with each other.

However, if you purchase a prebuilt PC, the company will have already made sure everything works together and can easily be upgraded. For example, most models include at least four empty memory slots for future upgrades.

5. Prebuilt PCs are More Reliable

When you build your PC, there’s a chance that it will be faulty when you first turn it on. Hundreds of components must work in perfect unison to ensure the system operates properly. Otherwise, it could cause crashes or other issues that prevent your PC from working properly.

In contrast, prebuilt PCs undergo extensive testing before delivering to customers. It ensures that everything works together and gives you a reliable system right off the bat. While it’s unlikely that your build will fry your hardware on the first try, prebuilt gaming PCs give you that peace of mind without the headache of putting everything together.

When you buy a prebuilt PC, the company has already put in hundreds of hours ensuring that everything works well together. It includes compatibility testing, in-house experts assessing every component, and running it through all the necessary tests to ensure it’s ready when you receive it. Most companies even include a one-year warranty to protect you against hardware problems.

Take Some Caution Though

Remember, if possible, it’s always best to test your games on a console before buying them. Console versions of many games run better than PC ones because consoles take advantage of specific hardware that PCs cannot utilize properly. It heavily compromises the code to play the game on the console at an acceptable level.

To summarize, prebuilt PCs are excellent options for gamers because they’re easier to use and more reliable than building your machine. They also come with warranties and usually include multiple upgrade options. While it may take longer, building your own PC is still a great way to go if you have the time to put everything together properly. Also, if you’re not looking for a powerhouse PC and want to spend as little money as possible, building your own PC is an excellent choice.

However, if that sounds like too much work and you aren’t willing to research all the necessary hardware components, prebuilt gaming PCs offer an easy way for gamers to get everything they need without the hassle. And the best part? You can enjoy your newly purchased PC without anything standing in your way.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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