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Where is Pebble Beach Golf course and can we walk and Play

If you are an avid fan of Golf and have been watching Pro-Am then you will be familiar with the name of Pebble Beach Golf. The golf course is located on 1700 17 Mile Dr, Pebble Beach, CA 93953; the United States. If you have watched in only on your television screens how about an actual trip to the area? Is it worth it? Let’s find it out.


Taproom is phenomenal

There are many people who have not played golf on the pebble beach and it’s not a cheap outing because you will have to pay around $45.You cannot walk in there for free although you can look around from the outside and the enchanting beach will give you its glimpse. The golf and views are hard to beat and it’s better if you go inside and take a look at it deeply. The chilly taproom is phenomenal it’s like heaven on earth.

There are many restaurants and other exciting spots which you can enjoy when you walk or play around. The best thing is that even the non-playing family members can join in with you and see you play exciting shots of golf. Even if you take your kids they will enjoy the experience and might play some shots as well. If you go to the pro shop and the lodge you can check out the trophies of the tournament winners because many important events and ceremonies have taken place on this very ground.

Can you play at a pebble beach without staying?

All the people who are planning to go to the pebble beach they have to stay in one of the resorts for at least two days so they can walk and play there. There is still another option that you can book the area for a short visit and don’t stay the night but that’s going to be an expensive pick.

How can you play Pebble beach golf links?

Pebble beach golf links are not prohibited for the public. You are open to play there and it is rated as the world number 1 Public golf course in the country. All the guests interested to visit and play at the golf resort can book their tee time in advance for 18 months and people who are non guests can book their spot for just 24 hours. Pebble beach golf is a popular spot and finding a place there is a tough and challenging task. You are lucky if you are already a member because there are many people trying to book a spot but are unable to do so because of the heavy crowd.

What are Golf booking guidelines?

If you want to book your favorites spots and amenities you must book ahead of time because it is mostly crowded and it is hard to find a free spot during the peak season. The guests who are staying at the hotel need to book the golf tee times along with the booking of their room. If you want to play pebble golf links then you must have a stay at the hotel because without stay you wouldn’t be allowed to get a spot. 1 round can be booked if you are staying for at least a night. Minimum 2 players must be booked for a room because a single player wouldn’t be allowed to book a room.

If you want to play multiple rounds you must inquire about the conditions directly from the hotel management. If you are planning a trip during the weekend booking should be done ahead of time because it may not be possible for you to book a spot if you reach the place at the time of your actual holiday plan.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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