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Disco Raja (2020) Full Telugu Movie leaked Hindi Dubbed by TamilRockers & Filmywap

Disco Raja is a popular Telugu movie which stars Ravi Teja as the lead actor. The film has been leaked online by TamilRockers and Filmywap many days before the actual release date. It is available for illegal downloads on these torrent websites. Lately, many popular movies and even television shows are loaded on these sites and downloads are increasing each second. The links are available in many HD formats that are compatible with every operating system.

How is the box office affected by illegal downloads?

Naturally, when people will get a chance to watch the movie free of any cost they will download it. The collections of the movie are effected when people don’t go to the cinema. The hard work of actors, directors, producers and many other people in the crew goes to waste. For people it’s entertainment but for them, it’s a source of income. Many critics have given Disco Raja 2 or 3 stars which means they have liked and supported the movie. The technical team and skills of storytelling are top-notch but with the increase in illegal downloads, movie is going to suffer.

Ravi Teja has shown his concerns when he found out that the illegal downloads are available on Tamilrockers and Filmywap. The narrative of the film is done in a good way but what’s the use of such hard work when people won’t go to the cinema to watch it. The release date of the film is January 24th 2020 but people had watched the full movie online. Some of the fans who have not yet watched the movie are looking for links and asking each other. Both these torrent websites have so many domains that it’s hard to catch them online.

Each domain is offering VPNs and other offers to people which makes the download easy for them. The websites are flourishing and get big traffic due to the links they provide for every film. It’s sad that despite so many efforts from the Government these sites are running without any issues. Ongoing piracy has been a threat to every big film and no concrete strategies are used to beat them. Tamilrockers is the main culprit for releasing illegal links but Filmywap is equally responsible.

The cast and Plot of Disco Raja

Disco Raja is a sci-fi action thriller which has been directed by VI Anand. The buzz of the movie is quite good but the illegal downloads has put it in a terrible spot. The concept of the film is about time travel and a good comic flavor is also given to it. Here’s the cast of the movie

  • Ravi Teja
  • Payal Rajput
  • Nabha Natesh
  • Tanya Hope
  • Bobby Simha
  • Ramki
  • Sunil

Why you shouldn’t download Disco Raja from Tamilrockers and Filmywap?

There is a very strict law in India which stops the citizen from downloading from illegal websites. If a citizen is caught streaming or downloading from this website they will be punished. The pirate websites have been killing the hard work and collections of so many big movies from Tamil, Telugu and Hindi industry. As they have so many domains they will never be caught instead a common person can get in trouble. Secondly they sometimes have viruses which can affect your laptop.

The intention of these torrent websites is to damage the career of big actors who work hard to earn a living for them. There is another problem that organizations in India are working in favor of torrent sites that’s why even if they are punished they get away easily.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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