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Who is speaking at the Republican Convention?

The Republican National convention is going to be held next week which will be a four-day celebration of President Donald Trump. It will also feature all the people from the younger generation that are hoping to take a shot at the upcoming elections in 2024. It may feature a couple from St.Louise couple who brandished guns at the anti-racism events or campaigns. Here are more details regarding who will be speaking at the Republican convention:

Great American Story

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The major theme of the nominating convention will be about honoring the great American story. It will be culminating in a live speech from Trump himself. He will be addressing it straight from the White House on Thursday Night. The grounds of the white house will also be used for the first time on Tuesday night when the first lady Melanie and children of Trump will also be giving their speeches.

Trump is going to be the prime focus of this event and will make appearances very frequently. There will be many campaigns including an event that will honor doctors, nurses, and many other workers or soldiers that are working on the front line all this time. Many people who are fighting against coronavirus and they will be honored too. Vice President Mark Pence is also going to be covering his speech live as the main speaker on Wednesday.

Trump changed my life

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Trump has always been criticized because he didn’t play an important role in eliminating coronavirus. There are about 170,000 Americans who have been killed due to viruses and the economic downfall has been very severe too. His reaction towards the black American is also very harsh and they have been holding various campaigns against him. To counter attack all these criticisms there will be people who will give their response about how Trump has changed their lives in a positive way.

There were will be many other common citizens that include Sergeant Ann Dorn, whose husband is retired police captain David Dorn and was killed due to unfortunate circumstances. Andrew Pollack is also going to speak as his daughter was killed in 2018 in Florida. He has become an advocate to provide safety tips for a school that includes armed guns and weapons. Tanya Weiner will be sharing her own story where she will state how her Montana café has been saved due to the loans she took from the bank. The parents of Kayla Mueller are now working as humanitarian workers as their son was murdered by the oppositions.

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Hopefuls of 2024

The convention is going to be a grand one and there are many speakers that will feature during the day and night. The republicans who are considered an important part of the 2024 presidential elections will also be hoping to take part in it. The team will feature Nikki Haley who has been the former ambassador of Trump in United Nations, US senator Tim Scott and the son of President Donald Trump will also be an important part of the event. There are many party members who are in favor of Trump’s son to take care of the party and continue the legacy of his father. Just like the team of party members, there are many citizens who want to see if Trump’s son can take forward his legacy or not.

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