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Trends To Watch Out For In The Global Wine Industry In 2020

In 2019, the Zion Market Research report revealed that the global wine market would generate revenue of approximately $423.59 billion by the end of 2023, casual drinkers go vegan. The wine culture reflected in 2019 was both classic and casual and driven by the values of the consumer. For instance, concerns about the consequences of global warming on wine in the last decade saw the rise of wine trends like sustainable wines such as organic and biodynamic.

Industry experts claim this trend will continue, but it will be more intensified. If you are a wine lover, you are probably asking yourself, casual drinkers go vegan in 2020? Well, industry insiders have already lined up wine trends to watch out for this year.

Wine Shopping Easy Online

Retailers will pay more attention to their e-commerce shops and digital experience now and beyond. Recent studies reveal that brick and mortar wine retail channels are in a state of instability. The key reason being, more consumers are casual drinkers go vegan. Online wine stores offer a variety of options, from cheap brands to the most expensive. Additionally, online shopping is convenient, and buyers learn more about their favorite wines through consumer feedback and reviews.

Consumer Values Determine Wine Selection

Besides packaging, several things wine drinkers care about include customer experience, personalization, sustainability, and certification. Though sustainability will continue, scrutiny and adherence will be more paramount. The selection of wines will not depend on what brands claim but proof that they are practising sustainability in winemaking. This will see a rise of concern for certification on wine labels as consumers are more interested in selecting wine certified as either biodynamic or organic.

Taste, smell, and sight will have a significant role in wine selection. As a result, more consumers will experiment with white wines due to their unmatched variation of smell, flavor, and sight. Additionally, as wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers go vegan, demand for white wine is projected to increase. Due to their low alcohol content, white wines pair with a variety of cuisines. With the growth of online wine shopping, consumers expect convenient delivery after placing an order from the wide variety of Qantas’ white wine selection.

Australian Wines Go Global

In recent years, Australian winemakers have made efforts to produce wines that pack more punch due to increased demand for full flavor by consumers. As a result, Australian Chardonnays have made a comeback with market experts predicting the trend to continue. While Chardonnay’s popularity is on the rise, more consumers are discovering the versatility of Grenache.

Unlike many red wines, Grenache pairs with cheese and a variety of meals. Other reasons Grenache wines are gaining recognition include the similarity in color and flavor like Shiraz. It also makes a perfect choice for wine-food combination as it is best enjoyed with food.

Innovative Wine Packaging

For centuries, wine lovers linked fine wine to 750 ml glass bottle containers with natural cork. However, wine packaging has transformed due to the increasing environmental concerns and a shortage of natural cork. In the last decade, boxed wine has become available in both high quality and quantity. Recently, vintners introduced bagged wines, but the most prominent packaging in the industry is canned wine.

With this in mind, wine consumers should expect to see more brands packaging wine in a can. Nonetheless, vintners will opt for other wine packaging alternatives like recyclable plastic bottles, bag-in-box, and oak bottles.

As the wine industry proliferates, emerging trends like cannabis-infused wines will make a mark in the market. Also, rose wines to grow in popularity owing to their attractive pink color, rich flavor, and versatility with different foods.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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