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When the Weather is Fine: Plot Release Date, Cast and All Other Details

When the weather is fine is a South Korean drama. The romantic drama is a 2020 drama and highlights the feelings of love and affection. The drama series is based on the novel with the same name. The drama has a lot of fan following as it stars the two most popular actors in South Korea. Let’s get to know more about When the Weather is Nice.


Is the plot of When the Weather is Fine boring?

The Weather is fine stars Park Min Young and Kang Seo Joon in the lead roles. The critics have concluded that this drama is the most boring Park Min Young drama so far but the fans have a different opinion. The drama revolves around the story of Mok Hae Won who quits her job in Seoul and moves to a village in Gangwon province. She used to live there briefly during her high school days and returns there later in life. She meets her former classmate and neighbor and they both start to heal each other’s souls.

When the Weather is Fine Review

when the weather is fine

The critics believe that the weather is fine has a slow-paced plot and the drama doesn’t have a lot to tell. The slow-paced romance grows with each episode and people who love watching love stories would surely fall in love with this amazing drama. If you are one of those people who love action-packed and fast-paced drama then this one is not for you. You might not find it interesting at all as the story doesn’t have much to convey to the audience.

The performances of Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon are brilliant. They both have engrossed in their characters and have amazing chemistry. When the two appear on screen they set the screen on fire with their blazing chemistry. The romance is soft and pure and not the intense and passionate type. If you like cute bickering and intense stuff between the lead couples then this drama might not be a good pick for you. If you are in love with soft romance with a lot of emotional turmoil flowing in the relationship with them this Park Min Young Seo Kang Joon starring drama would be an interesting watch for you.

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Who is in the cast of When the Weather is Fine?

The cast of When the Weather is Fine includes:

  • Park Min-young as Mok Hae-won
  • Seo Kang-joon as Im Eun-seob
  • Kim Hwan-hee as Im Hwi, Eun-seob’s adoptive little sister.
  • Nam Gi-ae as Yoon Yeo-jeong, Eun-seob’s adoptive mother.
  • Kang Shin-il as Im Jong-pil, Eun-seob’s adoptive father
  • Kang Jin-hwi as Kim Gil, Eun-seob’s father.
  • Kang Jin-hwi as Kim Gil-dong, Eun-seob’s uncle

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What is the release date of When the Weather is Fine?

When the Weather is Fine has already been released on February 24 2020 and the last episode aired on April 21, 2020. The drama aired for 16 episodes and aired on JTBC. If you are interested to watch When the Weather is Fine then you can catch it online. All the episodes of the drama are available on dramacool and The drama is also available on Rakuten Viki websites.

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