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What to Consider When Purchasing Dance Shoes

Any time before any purchase is made on shoes; some considerations have to be taken in place. This has to be done because there are different types of shoes designed for a given activity. This article is written to allow you and other people who are interested in dance shoes. Whether you are at a beginner-level class or a pro-level class dancer, you should probably purchase some dance shoes. There are so many factors to consider before purchasing dance shoes. So, here is the recommendation pulled together to guide you:

  1. Types

There are different types of dance shoes for example Ballroom, Latin and practice shoes. But you should know the difference between them as a dancer. Let me take you through their difference:

  • Ballroom shoes are shoes that allow you to point your toes further because they are open to the toe and very flexible in the arch. This is to allow you to have flexible freedom during the dance.
  • Latin shoes are strap and open-toed majorly used by ladies. They promote support because of their firmer arch.
  • Practice shoes appear like flat ballet slippers and may have heels or not. They are very comfortable for longer dances.
  • Dance sneakers this is the best alternative for practicing, however, they lack even a small heel to maintain the forward-prone position which is crucial for spinning and balance in moves.
  1. Sole

The sole of the dance shoes is the key factor to be considered as it is everything. There are varieties of soles and let me give you their nuance and suitable floor for a dance.

  • Suede: dance shoes more so for ladies have suede on the ball of the foot. This kind of shoe is not suitable for club or street wear because they are fragile. They are the best for ballroom dance classes and dance studios
  • Leather: have a leather bottom for going out and it is the best choice for men because it is easy to find and very durable.
  • Rubber: these are practice shoes that have rubber at the bottom. They are also called sneakers.
  1. Sizing

The standard size should be followed when buying the shoes. Never buy very large or tight shoes because you not to be comfortable in them. Make sure to purchase slightly smaller Veryfine Ballroom Shoes than going for big due to that they stretch out. But for the patent leather, don’t go for tight ones because it will cause blisters. The right size is always the motivating factor during the dance and if you don’t know your size, don’t send someone to purchase the dance shoes for you.


The three considerations discussed in the article cannot limit you from exploring more. But these are the main factors to be considered when purchasing Veryfine Ballroom Shoes. If you don’t follow the article keenly you may not be comfortable when performing more so when the shoes are very tight you may develop blisters. This can stop you from doing the training as you wait for them to heal. Articles

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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