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Super 30 Tamilrockers Full Hindi Movie leaked online for Free Download

Super 30 is based on a true incident and is a biographical movie. The Hrithik Roshan starrer movie wasn’t a big success at the box office but was critically acclaimed and appreciated by the fans as well. The 2019 movie has been leaked by the piracy website Tamilrockers and is available to watch for free.

Is Super 30 a real story?

Super 30 is based on true events and stories. Super 30 is an educational program that was set up by a Mathematician Anand Kumar. Hrithik Roshan plays Anand Kumar in the movie that is playing a mentor and teacher for 30 young men full of dreams. Anand Kumar helps 30 talented and smart students to achieve their dream. The student s are underprivileged and don’t have the option or financial capabilities to study on their own. The educational program by the name of super 30 helps the students to study without investing money.

Is Super 30 a good one time watch?

The film stars Hrithik Roshan and Mrunal Thakur in the lead roles. The film has some great performances from the actors. The plot is a little draggy and it makes the film boring sometimes. The run time of the movie is just too long and the overdose of drama makes the film dull. There are no bright and lively moments in the movie that drag it down on the entertainment scale. If you are someone who likes serious and inspirational movies then this might be a good one time watch for you. If you like fun movies at the super-fast pace then you might be disappointed with this movie.

The latest victim of Piracy Super 30

The efforts made by the Indian film industry are not bringing any good results as Super 30 is released online. Every day we hear big-budget movies being released online by torrent websites. The films are losing money while the torrents are flourishing every day. Many people have already watched the movie online and some people who haven’t watch it yet are planning to watch it for free. When the movie is released illegally it affects the collection in two ways. One reason is that people don’t go to the cinema. Secondly, people who have already watched the film give their feedback to their friends or family.

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It has been observed that word or mouth changes the mindset of people. Even if someone is interested in watching the movie in the cinema and they hear it from someone that movie is bad. You will probably see they will cancel going to the cinema and watch the movie online instead. People have this mindset that watching the movie for free won’t cause any harm to their hard-earned money. Once they hear that film is boring they will watch the movie for free and spread the same feedback to many others.

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Why are ticket prices of cinemas increasing?

There were times when tickets of movies were very affordable. Due to the rise in piracy the ticket prices are seeing a big increase. We can’t really blame producers for it as they have to earn money as well. When they lose money due to piracy they increase the ticket price of the movie. There are few people who can afford a highly-priced ticket and even if they want to watch the movie in the cinema they will not go. The on-going cycle of piracy is never-ending which is causing a lot of problems. We advise you not to watch movies on torrent websites, go to the cinema to appreciate the hard work of the entertainment industry.

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