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What is Reiki Healing and How Does it Work & Treatment Session

Have you ever wondered what is Reiki healing? Reiki is a type of traditional Japanese healing technique that is used by the Japanese people for the purpose of reducing one’s stress and relaxing one’s mind and body. Its main purpose actually is for healing the mind, body, and soul of a person.

A typical Reiki technique usually involves the practitioner to lay his hands on both sides of a person’s head. The fundamental concept of the Reiki healing technique is that the invisible energy of living things flows through our body and this energy is what actually keeps us to be alive. If the concentration of this energy in one’s body is less, then that person will more likely to be sick and if the concentration of this energy in one’s body is high, then that person will have a higher tendency to stay alive longer and much healthier.

What is Reiki Healing? (meaning word by word)

The origin of the word “Reiki” actually originates from two Japanese words. The first word is known as “Rei”. The meaning which lies behind this word is “the divine wisdom of God or the higher divine power”. The second word is known as “Ki” which brings a meaning of “the energy of living things”. Consequently, the true meaning of Reiki can be interpreted as “the energy of living things which is guided by a divine consciousness and power”.

The treatment of a particular Reiki session usually feels like an incredible brilliant aura that flows through your body and your mind. A pure Reiki treatment session includes the treatment of one’s body, mind, and soul. This, in turn, gives a lot of health benefits to the patient that is being treated. Some examples of benefits that can be obtained from a typical Reiki treatment session are the peaceful relaxation of mind, a healthy body and happier emotions in life.

Many of the people that have undergone the Reiki treatment session have reported a super wonderful result. Reiki is the type of a traditional treatment session that is smooth, all purely natural, and completely safe technique that can be used by everyone regardless of their gender and age. It has been proven to be super effective in aiding virtually all types of illnesses and is always proven to be good for the benefits of one’s health. The best thing about Reiki is that it can also be combined with other types of spiritual treatment or other traditional healing technique which can be used to cure diseases and enhance the process of recovery of a person’s body.

Reiki is amazing as its method is very simple to be learned. However, the capability of using Reiki cannot be taught in a normal way. The true secret of knowledge of Reiki can only be transferred to the student during the time a Reiki class was held. The Reiki ability is transferred on to the student during a process known as “attunement“. This ability is transferred by a Reiki master which enables the student of Reiki to taste the infinite supply of living things energy so that the student may be able to improve the health of one’s life.

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