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Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) Review And Release Date, Cast

Sonic the Hedgehog is a live action adventure comedy which is based on a blockbuster video game franchise named Sega. The video game of sega revolves around a bright colored blue hedgehog. After several months of changing designs, we finally got a new trailer of the movie which is featuring the beloved hedgehog in a realistic yet fun style. The beloved character is given the look similar to video game style and you can see his big eyes with more concealed and less realistic teeth. The fun and humor which was missing in the first trailer will now be seen in great amount if you watch out the second trailer which has a wide collection of scenes.

Sonic the Hedgehog plot, review and trailer controversy

Sonic the hedgehog is a film which follows the misadventure of Sonic and how he navigates himself according to the complexities of the world. He finds a new friend on earth who is a human named Tom. The interesting part is that Sonic and Tom join hands to get rid of the villain named Dr. Robotnik who is basically trying to capture Sonic and planning to destroy the world as well. How will they succeed is the crux of the story. The adventure of Sonic will touch the heart and soul of every fan and you will even witness a lot of Easter eggs at different stages. Tom and Sonic will be joined by some other fun loving characters.

Gossip Girl’s Tika Sumpter will give voice to the character of Annie who plays Tom’s wife. Billy who is another friend of Tom is also an exciting character. The makers have tried to adapt the story from the video game and have not included much of innovation in the storyline of their own. Of course the speed of the hedgehog you see in the videogame is slowed down and people who were worried about the comic factor can now enjoy the buddy duo comedy at various intervals. The scenes were Sonic is trying to adopt the methods for staying on earth will be a treat.

 There has been a controversy surrounding the film as the first trailer did not receive a good response from people so the makers redesigned the trailer to make fans satisfied. The second trailer for sure is a lot better than the previous one. A lot of mistakes were removed from the film including the drawing of the blue hedgehog as well. Movie director Jeff was open to accept his mistakes and he has done the required changes honestly. We are hoping for an interesting ride after hearing about the exciting changes.

Sonic the Hedgehog cast

The cast of Sonic the hedgehog is filled with amazing bunch of actors. Jim Carrey, James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Neal McDonough and much more. The talented actor Jim Carrey was quite open while discussing the changes made to the film according to the demand of fans. He felt that the changes should not have been made as it had a good flow in the story already. He even praised the director for making all the changes diligently.

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When is the movie arriving in the cinemas?

As the movie was being redesigned it could not release on the original date which was supposed to be November 8th in USA and December 26th in the UK.The film is now releasing on 14th February 2020 and will have to compete with the king’s Man and Fantasy Island. The director has already showed his concern for having the release date fixed for Valentine’s Day but he hopes people like the movie as it’s made honestly and realistically.

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