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Chef Robert Irvine Restaurant Impossible Special Series: Updates, Release Date And All You Need To Know

All of us are stuck at home due to pandemic and we are missing food from our favorite chefs. The restaurants are closed and dining outside isn’t possible these days. The good news is that your favorite Chef Robert Irvine is coming with a new and special season of Restaurant Impossible and we will be learning many tasty and delicious dishes from the chef. Let’s get to know more about the upcoming season of Restaurant Impossible.

What are the latest updates on Restaurant Impossible?

Chef Robert Irvine has signed a 2-year contract with Food Network which means that we will be getting new and fresh episodes of Restaurant Impossible. The cable channel recently revealed new information about Restaurant Impossible at a press conference. A spin-off series of Restaurant Impossible will also be launching and the fans are eagerly waiting for it. Robert Irvine will be doing two shows on Food Network this year.

What is Restaurant Impossible all about?

Robert Irvine has a long-running show called Restaurant Impossible on Food Network. The chef has previously helped restaurants that have been affected by the pandemic get back in business. The famous chef helps the struggling restaurants to get back on their feet and become successful. In the upcoming special season, Robert Irvine will be helping the previously featured restaurants. The spinoff series will be called Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business.

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What is Restaurant Impossible success rate?


The recent season of Restaurant Impossible received an overwhelming response from the fans. The reality show has received high ratings online and on the Food Network channel. Social media is in buzz and fans are talking about the recent season of Restaurant Impossible. The complimentary content of the show that has been released on social media has been getting great views online. Restaurant Impossible has also been trending on Twitter and is one of the top Twitter trends.

Is Restaurant Impossible Fake?

Most people believe that reality shows are fake and scripted. The same question arises in the case of the super-popular reality TV show Restaurant Impossible. To our surprise, there are much evidences that prove that the show is very much real. According to people who have watched the show from behind the scenes the show is real and not fake. People who have seen the show being filmed also believe that it is 100 percent real.

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How many restaurants have survived due to Restaurant Impossible?

Robert Irvine has helped 135 failing restaurants across America. According to reports, 50 percent of the restaurants have managed to become successful after the makeover done by Robert Irvine. According to the blog Food Network gossip, 61 percent of the restaurants have closed done even after getting help from Robert Irvine and even after appearing on TV.

What is the release date of Restaurant Impossible special episodes?

Restaurant Impossible has released some special episodes recently. The show aired episodes starting from April 30, 2020. The special series features restaurants that have been affected by the pandemic. If you want to catch the episodes you can watch them on Food Network. The series is also available online on Food Network official streaming channel.

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