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What Happened To Claire Abbott?, Famous Instagram Model And Where Is She Now?

It is always challenging and tough for people to get famous on Instagram but it was a piece of cake for the Instagram model Claire Abbott. The Canadian teenage started off her journey by posting a bikini picture of her on Facebook and without her knowing it became viral on the internet and made her famous. This marked her famous journey on social media but her famous life lasted for a short period of time. She then went ahead to join Twitter, youtube, and Instagram and started sharing her life with people around the world by posting pictures.

Passionate about sharing her lifestyle

As she started posting pictures of her online she realized that people were curious about how she lives her daily life. From her traveling trips to her fashion choices, she shared almost everything about her on her social media accounts. She became an open book to all her Instagram followers and there was nothing hidden about her life. The instafamous people often tend to show an inclination towards show business and intend on pursuing acting or singing. Most such people don’t have much talent and they are just all talk. Claire was an exception she had the talent in her and had the potential to make it big in other fields.

A talent for Music and struggles in her Life

Clair was an amazing singer and she often posted videos of her singing different hit numbers. Her voice was sweet and had the melody that could match singers of a professional level. But the unfortunate thing was that she was suffering from severe anxiety, depression and even had a bipolar diagnosis. Bad mental health can take a toll on a common person so it definitely can have worse effects on a celebrity who is known by millions of people. She was already suffering from a bad mental state and to have all the increasing attention all the time things must have been hard on her.

Questionable Acquaintances

In 2015 pictures of Claire and an internet-famous person with the name of Dan Bilzerian came to light. The guy had a controversial background and it was rumored that his dad has built a trust fund for him and with that money he travels around the world. His social media accounts are full of pictures with multiple women from around the world. He is a drug addict and has suffered from 2 heart attacks even before reaching the age of 30. He is currently 38 years old. Claire pictured with this guy made all her fans worry because he was a controversial man and getting close to him could be dangerous for her.

The Horrible Turn in Claire’s Life

In 2017 all her accounts stopped functioning and she became inactive on social media. This made her fans very curious and people kept wondering about her whereabouts. Soon after that, a statement was released that Claire never wanted to become a model and she wants to focus on her music career. Many went on to speculate that she might be dead and isn’t alive anymore. These speculations don’t really seem to be true because someone is dead their records can be easily found and a death confirmation can be made anytime.

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The Aftermath

People are still guessing about her whereabouts and still hoping that she would return someday. Her old pictures and videos are still viral on the internet and are even used on many dating sites by scams and frauds. We hope that she is somewhere in Canada enjoying her life and music and she might return to the world of social media someday.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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