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Tom Brokaw Net Worth, Salary, Bio & More

Tom Brokaw is an American television journalist and author who is one of the richest journalists. He is one of the most famous journalists and people love his speaking skills. He is serving as the lead anchor and managing editor of NBC nightly news for nearly a decade. From 1982 -2004 he remained unbeaten and has earned a huge amount of fortune. We will discuss everything about his personal and professional life. If fans are interested they can read it all.

Early life

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Thomas John Brokaw was born on February 6th, 1940 in South Dakota and was the eldest of three sons in the family. He is 80 years old currently and six feet in height. His parents are Jean and Anthony and he attended senior high school in the boy’s school. He moved on to the University of Lowa but he didn’t like spending the time there and changed it. He graduated in 1964 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He was a bright student but his interest was all about becoming a journalist for people.


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In 1997 Tom got the opportunity to sign one of the biggest deals with NBC. He was a good announcer and always appreciated for being very punctual. He later exceeded the contract with the extension of three years. He kept NBC in limelight by becoming the popular journalist and covered all the latest news and updates. When this contract was about to end they further increased with an extension of 10 years. He later started producing documentaries and many other important series for the channel. His annual salary is in the range of $5million.

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Personal Life, Relationships and Kids

Tom is married to an author named Meredith Lynn Auld since 1962. They are blessed with three daughters and are living a peaceful life since then. Till now there is no news about their breakup or divorce. The couple has become an inspiration for everyone. The family has a ranch in Montana and they spend some quality time there. He was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2013 and got the treatment for the same in 2014.

Real Estate and Net worth

In 1998 Tom and his wife purchased a house in Newyork and it was 56 acres. They both sold the property after some time and it was sold in a huge amount. When he was at the peak of his career he enjoyed every luxury in life. His overall net worth is $85 million and yearly salary is $5 million.


He started his job after completing his degree and started working at a television station KITV. The television station was in his hometown and he worked for them before joining NBC news in was the start of his career and it kept shining throughout. He started the job as an anchor of the 11 pm news and got a lot of prominences. He got a big break when he was asked to join the White House as a correspondent. He also became an anchor of the Saturday Editions of the Nightly News. He left the position of the anchor when he planned the retirement but kept working as a correspondent.

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